Can a pressure washer break skin?

Can a pressure washer break skin?

A pressure washer’s powerful spray is hazardous when misdirected, strong enough to damage skin in an instant. Lacerations are the most common injury, followed by bruises, punctures, and eye injuries.2016-03-08

Is it hard to powerwash?

Well, if you have the proper equipment, it actually is not too difficult. The main concern is that water pressure is only half of the equation. Cleaning algae from your home’s vinyl siding actually requires very little water pressure. In fact, using anything over 300psi can actually damage your home’s siding.2020-02-15

What do I need for a pressure washer?

Look for: Compact size and lightweight, flexible high-pressure hose; a variety of nozzles; pro-style steel spray wand; onboard detergent tank; onboard storage for spray gun; wand; nozzles; hose; and power cord. Home and shop use: Decks, patios, siding, fences, vehicles, boats.2013-08-19

How much can you make from doing pressure washing?

For pressure washing, that potential is often comparable to consultants and, in some cases even lawyers. Compensation ranging between $40 – $60 per hour is not uncommon. In fact, many services make upwards of $80 – $100+ per hour. Compensation will, of course, vary from region to region.

Does powerwash hurt?

The strong spray from a pressure washer can cause serious wounds that might first appear minor. Wounds that appear minor can cause a person to delay treatment, increasing risk for infection, disability or amputation. The fast, strong spray can throw objects that strike and injure others who are close by.

Is Power washing a good business UK?

Because the business has a low start-up cost and favorable pricing, pressure washing companies can make a great deal of money. Initially, you can expect to make between $40,000 and $50,000 from your business, with the potential to earn upwards of six figures over time as your business grows.2022-02-26

Do you need training to use a pressure washer?

It is essential that anyone who is using a pressure washer at work should receive adequate training and be competent in using a pressure washer for the type of work that they are required to undertake.

Can anyone use a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is useful for cleaning any exterior surface that has caked-on dirt, grease, plant residue or other material across a large surface area. To prevent injury, avoid pressure-washing anything living, whether it’s people, animals or plants.2020-06-25

Can power washers cut through skin?

Yes, pressure washers can absolutely cut into your skin if they make contact. Actually, lacerations are the most common injury from a pressure washer, followed by bruises, eye injuries, and punctures.

Do power washers make good money?

Making money with the pressure washing business can be a breeze, thanks to low start-up costs and favorable pricing. You can earn between $40,000-$50,000 a year from your business at the beginning, with the potential of making upwards of a six-figure income over time.2021-09-05

Can I power wash with just water?

Whether it’s your hands or your home, washing without soap takes longer to scrub away stains, requires water delivered at a higher pressure and only removes the surface dirt. Your hands or your home may look clean, but germs and bacteria will remain.2018-10-03

Can I use pressure washer without detergent?

If you are just spraying down your patio or balcony to get rid of some dirt and dust, soap may not be necessary. However, if you’re looking to clean for a more intense job such as oil or grease stains you will actually need a detergent to go with your pressure washer.2021-11-03

Can I wash my car on driveway UK?

A driveway or other private land is the ideal place to wash a car, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it on the street if it’s easier to avoid direct sunlight there, provided you’re not causing an obstruction.2020-05-28

What PSI will break skin?

In order to breach the human skin the ejection pressure has to be at least 100 pounds per square inch (psi)8 while most high-pressure guns and injectors reach pressures of 2000 to 12000 psi3. The puncture wound is small, inconsiderable and not distinct.

PDF Ppg13 –

• washing by hand • using high pressure or steam cleaners at all sites including: was • retail premises • business and industrial premises • public and private car parks • former petrol filling stations This guidance also applies to washing and cleaning plant, machinery, equipment and boats as the principles

PDF Health and Safety SR11 Cleaning and disinfection using a

Designate a segregated area for pressure washing, or do the job outdoors. Provide suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). Remove heavy dirt deposits first. Ensure that nearby electrical

Exterior Building Cleaning Law In The UK In 2021 | Purple

It is illegal to allow waste wash water to run into storm drains outside in the street. Where this occurs, both the cleaning company and building owner can face fines from the local water authorities. Instead, wastewater MUST be collected and disposed of in the sewerage drains or taken away to an approved disposal facility, at a cost.

How to Start a Pressure Washing Business | Weekend Wages

You will need to douse your surface with a cleaning agent before your start to pressure clean your surface. This isn’t compulsory for every job because the pressure washer will can most of the time do all the hard work. Fungicidal wash This will ensure that your surface is free from algae, weeds for the near future.

Greenwashing: CMA puts businesses on notice – GOV.UK

This focuses on 6 principles which are based on existing consumer law. It is clear that firms making green claims “must not omit or hide important information” and “must consider the full life

Pressure Washing And EPA Fines

Property owners can face fines of up to US$50,000 a day if the water used in a pressure washing project contains dangerous chemicals or is allowed to contaminate the storm drain system. As suggested, the EPA is holding property owners accountable at an unprecedented rate.

8 Things To Start A Pressure Washing Business | Connecteam

Starting a pressure washing company requires the proper licenses, insurance, and permits. Depending on your local laws and regulations, the exact permits required will vary. Therefore, make sure you contact your local licensing office or county clerk so they can inform you what the requirements are.

How To Start A Pressure Washing Business in 5 Simple Steps

The Ins and Outs of Pressure Washing Business Permits, Licenses and Insurance To stay out of jail and avoid going bankrupt if you damage property or injure someone on the job be sure to get the proper licenses, permits and insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Start a $25K/Month Pressure Washing Business – UpFlip

A pressure washing business doesn’t require any special licensing, but you will need to register your business with your state and local government. If you don’t, you could be fined for running your business outside of the law. Pricing Now that we’ve covered your initial startup costs, it’s time to move on to pricing.

I've been an embalmer for 14 years and see – the Guardian

I position the hands one over the other, wash the body, cover the genitals (to preserve modesty) and prepare the tools I will need to embalm. Typically, we use a scalpel to make a small incision

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Vehicle washing and cleaning, PPG13: prevent – GOV.UK

Current guidance explains how to: report an environmental incident, get permission to discharge to surface or groundwater, manage business and commercial waste, store oil and any oil storage

Can You Pressure Wash Block Paving? – Premier Surfacing

Ensure you have your pressure washer on a low setting and keep it at a 30 degree angle to prevent the force of the water jet from damaging your block paving. Try not to stay too long on individual blocks; adopt more of a sweeping motion to ensure the water isn’t concentrated in one place. You should still be able to get the dirt off.

We're living in a golden age of greenwash | Greenpeace UK

The last few years may well go down in history as the golden age of greenwashing. Granted, these kinds of shenanigans are as old as advertising itself. But greenwash as the deliberate attempt to cover up or distract from the damage a company is doing to the environment is a more recent phenomenon.

PDF GPP 13: Vehicle washing and cleaning – NetRegs

Never wash vehicles on unmade ground. Don’t wash vehicles where runoff can drain into surface water drains or SUDS, for example in car parks. Never discharge washwater to a foul sewer without contacting your sewer provider to get a trade effluent consent. Don’t use pressure washers, unless you have a designated washbay.

PDF Offshore COSHH essentials

3 Ensure that sensitive equipment and electrical fittings are suitably waterproof. 3 Dilute the cleaning agent to the right concentration. 3 Respiratory protective equipment is normally required. 3

13 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash | Family Handyman

Do not pressure wash any fixtures housing electricity, even those on the exterior of your home or in your yard. Though built to withstand a rainstorm, pressure washing can force water into cracks and crevice and cause damage and costly repairs. 3 / 13 ESB Basic/Shutterstock Asphalt Shingles

The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washer Trailer Setups (How

Small electric and medium-duty gas pressure washers are fine if you want to spend a leisurely Saturday cleaning just your driveway and back patio. But: If you plan on pressure cleaning an entire truck fleet… Or an entire parking lot… Or an entire commercial shopping mall building… Or 8 residential driveways… In. A. Single. Day.

Dirty greenwashing: watchdog targets fashion brands over

Companies may have to change how they advertise or face court if in breach of consumer protection law The pressure group Changing Markets says brands are not doing enough to ensure clothing is

Boiler Laws & Rules

The Board of Boiler Rules and the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) have adopted changes to the boiler rules that increase fees by 5.58% for fiscal year 2023. A fee increase is needed to help support expenses for inspections of boilers and pressure vessels and other program public safety activities.

car wash environmental drainage regulations

Surface run-off from car washing bases can have high levels of pollutants like oil & fuel, detergents, grease, suspended solids, and antifreeze. Therefore, you should not permit run-off to enter surface waters, surface water drains or even ground waters like streams, lakes, rivers, etc. This will lead to pollution and you can be charged for it.

Home – AC Pressure Washers

Full WFP High Pressure Conversion Kit – 55ft. £ 250.25 +VAT. Add to basket View Details.

The 8 Best Pressure Washers of 2022 – The Spruce

A pressure washer is a handy tool that can clean decking and siding, wash cars, remove mold from your driveway, and wash down lawn equipment. We researched the most popular pressure washers on the market and sent the top-rated models to our product testers to put them to the test at their own homes, evaluating power, ease of use, and effectiveness.

The Best Pressure Washers for Cleaning Your Car, 2022

1. Editor’s Pick: Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer. If you want one of the best pressure washers for heavier duty tasks than just washing your car, one of the most reputable of the affordable

Trump's hair washing moans could see shower pressure laws

DONALD Trump’s hair washing moans have prompted a proposed law change on showerhead pressure. Tired of having to spend longer in the shower with just a trickle to wash out the shampoo, the fed

Washing cars in your driveway or street – Bothell WA

A. Throw, drain, or otherwise discharge, cause or allow others under its control to throw, drain or otherwise discharge into the municipal storm drain system and/or surface and ground waters any materials other than storm water. Examples of prohibited contaminants include but are not limited to the following: 3.

9 Best Pressure Washers of 2022 – Top-Tested Gas

Electric pressure washers are generally suitable for the vast majority of homeowners and can tackle projects like car washing, cleaning lawn furniture and spot treating surfaces. They are more

How to Pressure Wash a House: A Step-by-Step Guide – Bob Vila

STEP 5: Don your goggles and do a pressure wash test on the scrubbed area. Once the first section is thoroughly scrubbed, put on the safety goggles. Make sure that you have a 3-foot nozzle-to-wall

How to Seal Concrete After Pressure Washing | Hunker

Sealing concrete after pressure washing is similar to painting walls in your house. Advertisement Step 1 Allow the concrete to dry completely before sealing. If possible, seal in the mid-morning or before the sun is directly over the concrete. This gives you an opportunity to apply the sealer without it drying too quickly.

The Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999 –

These Regulations implement the European Parliament and Council Directive 97/23/EC (OJ No. L181, 9.7.97, p. 1) on the approximation of the laws of the member States concerning pressure equipment (“the Directive”). They come into force on 29th November 1999 except regulations 1, 2, 20 and 22 which come into force on 31st August.

Environmental Law and Practice in the UK (England and

A significant proportion of environmental legislation in England and Wales originated from European Union (EU) law. On 31 December 2020 (at the end of the Transition Period during which the UK remained governed by EU law following its departure from the EU), the majority of EU law that applied at that time in the UK was enacted into UK law as “EU Retained Law”, primarily through the European

What is the minimum water pressure that a water supplier

Our Top Tips. Water suppliers’ statutory service standard level of mains water pressure is 10 metres/head (or one bar). This means there is enough force/pressure to push the water to a height of 10m. This is measured at the point where the water leaves the water suppliers pipework and enters yours (usually the outside stop valve or property

PDF Guide to the UK Water Supply Regulations – Keraflo

pressure greater than atmospheric Warning Pipe an overflow pipe with an internal dip tube so fixed that its outlet, whether inside or outside the building, is in a conspicuous position where the discharge of water can be readily seen Wholesome Water in a drinkable form Water Supply Regulations – Definitions 8

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Noise and Nuisance – Frequently Asked Questions

In England and Wales, the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 defines anti-social behaviour as: (a) conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person; (b) conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to a person in relation to that person’s occupation of residential premises; or (c

Soft Washing – What is Soft Washing? How is Soft Washing done?

Power washing and pressure washing use a much more powerful water pressure than soft washing and power washing is typically done with much hotter water than pressure washing. The Soft Washing method is combined with a biodegradable disinfecting cleaning solution to kill the mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss and more.

Water Jetting Association – UK's leading water jetting

Become a memberof the WJA. The WJA promotes innovation, technical excellence and safety in the use of high-pressure water jetting across UK industry. We are also the UK’s leading provider of high-quality water jetting training. Join The WJA WJA Benefits C1 & C1P Renewal.

Noise and Nuisance – What Type of Noise? – Law and Your

Recreational noise. Motor sports, arcade games, recreational hunting, powerboat racing, clay pigeon shooting, public concerts, circuses, fairs and fireworks are some of the common sources of recreational noise in the UK. Indiscriminate use of fireworks, especially during celebrations, has become a major concern in many residential communities.

Pressure Vessels – Overview | Occupational Safety and

Overview. Generally, a pressure vessel is a storage tank or vessel that has been designed to operate at pressures above 15 p.s.i.g. Recent inspections of pressure vessels have shown that there are a considerable number of cracked and damaged vessels in workplaces. Cracked and damaged vessels can result in leakage or rupture failures.

Pressure Systems Safety and Pressure Equipment – Allianz UK

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) and the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations (PESR) cover the safe design and use of pressure systems. The PSSR were introduced under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act on 21 February 2000, while the PESR came into force on 8 December 2016 to replace the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999.

car wash environmental drainage regulations

Car wash water is considered dangerous to the environment because it contains detergents, oils, phosphates, rubber, surfactants, silts, copper, traffic film remover, and other metals. Observe the environmental regulations if you don’t want to brush shoulders with the law and be fined. It is not that these regulations cannot be met, but it’s

Right to repair rules will extend lifespan of –

Right to repair rules will extend lifespan of products, government says. Products such as washing machines, TVs and fridges should become easier to repair and cheaper to run under new rules coming

Chem-X | Truck Cleaning Supplies + Tools | High

Foam Mitt Wash from $17.00. Tire+Trim from $27.00. Glass Cleaner from $16.00. INTERIOR: Cleaner / Detailer from $23.00. Xpansion Pack – Stars & Stripes Mix Kit $163.00. Xpansion Pack – Heavy Duty Mix Kit $85.00. Xpansion Pack – Foam Mitt Wash Mix Kit $70.00. D-Lime 90 Citrus Degreaser and Asphalt Remover from $40.00.

Boiler Laws & Rules

Boiler Laws & Rules. Laws and rules pertaining to boilers, water heaters, and unfired pressure vessels can be found in the following: Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 296-104. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Chapter 70.79. The laws and rules are maintained and updated by the State Office of the Code Reviser.

What The Law Says About Hot Water At Work – HASpod

What The Law Says About Hot Water At Work. No hot water at work? Hand washing is important for cleanliness, at work and at home. As an employee, you have legal rights to certain welfare facilities at work. As an employer, if you don’t provide it, you could find yourself in a different kind of hot water with the HSE or local authorities.

Lead Laws and Regulations – US EPA

Lead is a pollutant regulated by many laws administered by EPA, including the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 (Title X), Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Comprehensive Environmental

Home | WORX UK | Innovative Garden and Power Tools

On top of this, it has won five out of 7 individual category awards for Innovation, High Quality, Design, Functionality and Ecology. Discover the new models. Robotic lawn mowers. High pressure cleaners. Drills and screwdriver. Grass trimmers. Angle grinder. Jigsaws. Leaf blowers.

Pressure Washers | Kärcher UK

Kärcher pressure washers give you the power and control for the most effective outdoor clean. From patios, decking and cars to wheelie bins and garden furniture, whatever your cleaning needs, we have the right pressure washer for you. For cleaning external staircases and larger garden paths.

Government of Jersey

Government of Jersey

Pressure – Wikipedia

Pressure (symbol: p or P) is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.: 445 Gauge pressure (also spelled gage pressure) is the pressure relative to the ambient pressure. Various units are used to express pressure. Some of these derive from a unit of force divided by a unit of area; the SI unit of pressure, the pascal (Pa

How to wash a car twice as well in half the time | RAC Drive

A pressure-washer is the best tool for the job, but a garden hose with a spray gun attachment will be a suitable substitute. Starting from the top of the car, rinse the loose dirt from the body and between the panel gaps. While you’re there, power-wash the inside of the wheel arches and alloy wheels.

Training – Water Jetting Association

This is a mandatory one-day class-based course covering all main areas of water jetting operation and safety, including types of water jetting, water pressure and flow rates, risk assessment, and the use of safety clothing. At the end of the course, delegates must pass a 20-question multiple choice questionnaire.

Washing Machines at

Plus, the Quick Wash cycle helps clean loads faster by shortening cycle time. The Deep Water Wash option gets more water on wash cycles when you want it, for deep water wash clean. Add in the included 10-year limited parts warranty on the motor and stainless steel wash basket, and you’ve got the power to clean tough loads for the long haul

Are Portable Washing Machines Allowed in Apartments

The depth is around 16 inches. The capacity is ranging from 1 cubic foot (7 pounds) to 2.6 cubic feet (15 pounds). You can easily tell why portable washing machines are perfect for camping, student dormitories or condos, RV’s, compact living, or apartments. This article will focus mainly on people who lives in rental apartment complex.

Pressure Washers + Power Cleaners | Sun Joe®

Sun Joe’s complete line of electric pressure washers and pressure washer accessories make it easy to get your dirty work done. The Sun Joe SPX3000 ® Electric Power Washer is the #1 Best Seller in the USA according to Traqline, and the Cordless SPX6000C-XR won the coveted “Gold Award Winner” for “Most Innovative New Product” at the 2017 National Hardware Show.

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The 8 Best Pressure Washers of 2022 – The Spruce

A pressure washer is a handy tool that can clean decking and siding, wash cars, remove mold from your driveway, and wash down lawn equipment.We researched the most popular pressure washers on the market and sent the top-rated models to our product testers to put them to the test at their own homes, evaluating power, ease of use, and effectiveness.

Damage to a vehicle caused by a car wash – But who is liable?

As a rule, your car wash will not cause any damage if you use high-quality technology that has been properly adjusted. If, however, damage nevertheless does occur, it is necessary to clarify who is to be held liable. It is extremely unpleasant both for you as the operator and for the customer if their car is damaged in the car wash.

Best Pressure Washer Reviews for 2022 – Pro Tool Reviews

Our top pick is the Ryobi RY142300 for a couple of reasons. First, its PWMI-certified 2300 PSI and 1.2 GPM are right in the wheelhouse for what homeowners need. Secondly, there’s an optional surface cleaner kit for just $14 more that can literally save you hours the next time you pressure wash your driveway.

Car wash – Wikipedia

The following are forms of car washing. Hand car wash facilities, where the vehicle is washed by employees.; Self-service facilities, generally coin-operated, where the customer manually washes the car with a wand dispersing water and low pressure brushes, including pressurized “jet washing”.; In-bay automatics involve the customer parking and an automatic wash-machine rolls back and forth

Fleet & Truck, Facility & Building Washing

FLEETWASH is the largest, national, mobile truck washing & facility service company with over 44 years of experience. Fleet & Truck, Facility & Building Washing Now Hiring Customer Portal Call us 1(800)847-3735

1926.302 – Power-operated hand tools. | Occupational

e-CFR. 1926.302 (a) Electric power-operated tools. 1926.302 (a) (1) Electric power operated tools shall either be of the approved double-insulated type or grounded in accordance with Subpart K of this part. 1926.302 (a) (2) The use of electric cords for hoisting or lowering tools shall not be permitted. 1926.302 (b) Pressure Washers – Pressure Washers / Outdoor

Rock&Rocker Powerful Electric Pressure Washer, 3500PSI Max 1.85 GPM Power Washer with Hose Reel, 4 Quick Connect Nozzles, Soap Tank, IPX5 Car Wash Machine for Home/Car/Driveway/Patio Clean, Green. 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,089. $159.99 $ 159. 99. $8.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $8.00 with coupon.

Residential Water Pressure Explained –

Pressures above 80 psi are too high. Whereas low water pressure is more of a nuisance than a serious problem (some fixtures, like washing machines, have minimum pressure requirements), high water pressure carries with it a significantly increased risk of damage to pipes, joints, fixtures and seals – not to mention increased water waste.

The Water Supply (Water Fittings –

PART II REQUIREMENTS Restriction on installation etc. of water fittings. 3. —(1) No person shall- (a) instal a water fitting to convey or receive water supplied by a water undertaker, or alter, disconnect or use such a water fitting; or (b) cause or permit such a water fitting to be installed, altered, disconnected or used, in contravention of the following provisions of this Part.

Fencing Laws and Your Neighbors: FAQs – Findlaw

Most fencing laws limit the height of artificial fences in residential areas to four feet in front yards and six feet in backyards. Local ordinances set by cities and counties, and sometimes subdivision rules called Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), regulate fencing. Some local height restrictions contained in fencing laws apply

The 5 best pressure washers, according to experts

Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, are gas-powered machines that are commonly used by professional pressure washing services. Gas pressure washers are more expensive — usually at a price

Is it OK to wash car in driveway? –

Is it illegal to pressure wash my driveway? pressure washing your driveway creates a polluted runoff filled with potential chemicals, greases, oils, etc, that are released by the act of pressure washing. Therefore it is illegal almost everywhere. Car washing on the other hand, may not. Check with your local office and county.

PDF Disinformation and 'fake news'

oral evidence sessions, inviting UK regulators and the Government to give oral evidence, and we received a further 23 written submissions.2 We also held an ‘International Grand Committee’ in November 2018, inviting parliamentarians from nine countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Latvia, Singapore and the UK. 2.

9 Best Pressure Washers for 2022 | Pressure Washer Reviews

Cleaning power: 2,300 psi. Max flow: 1.2 gpm. The RY142300 is a journeyman machine, one that delivers consistent soaping and washing performance. It’s stronger than the Karcher K5 , the Worx

How to Clean or Restore Brick for Exterior Walls of Your Home

Pressure washers are great at cleaning brick surfaces. You can add a brick-cleaning solution to your pressure washer. Or, you can use water to clean the brick thoroughly after applying the cleaning solution in Step 4. Too much pressure can damage the brick. Keep the pressure around 3,000 pounds per square inch to avoid damaging the brick.

Thumbtack – Care for your home

Find local pros, compare prices and book home services in a few simple steps. Thumbtack makes caring for your home easier.

Residential noise and the law | Environment Protection

Prohibited times for noise. Common residential noise issues and how the law applies to them. The Environment Protection Act 2017 says it’s an offence to make unreasonable noise from a residence. A residential property includes: any land, building or outbuilding used in connection with a residence. This includes driveways, sheds and workshops.

Above Ground Oil Water Separators – Wash Bay Solutions

Featuring an image of one of our oil water separator designs. We offer a complete line of high efficiency, stainless steel, above ground oil water separators that will remove 99.9% of free and dispersed non-emulsified oil and settleable solids from the waste stream.. Our staff of experienced engineers will provide you with an innovative, efficient, and cost effective solution to your oily

HOODZ | Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance. Experts since 1972. Find a location near you. Request Service. 24/7 Emergency Service. (888) 514-6639. ×. Request A Quote Or Service Today. State/Providence (Required) Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas

Eco Friendly Washing Machine: Do You Really Need It? This

Well, conventional washing machines would fill their tubs full of water, but smart and eco friendly washing machines can judge the amount of laundry and the water required to wash them. It will use water only enough to soak the clothes, and then use high-pressure agitation to clean the clothes.

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