Did Johnny Weissmuller do his own stunts in Tarzan?

Did Johnny Weissmuller do his own stunts in Tarzan?

Johnny did many of his own stunts actually riding wild rhinos and elephants, interacting with the chimpanzees and other animals, climbing trees and swimming and diving. Though stunt doubles were used for some scenes, the many dangerous stunts he did perform himself gave the pictures a realism that showed.2019-04-12

What was Johnny Weissmuller highest dive?

Remarkably, the highest dive he ever did was at age 45 for a Jungle Jim film 76 feet off a cliff into a river. Weissmuller was a very good golfer who competed for nearly thirty years in every major Pro-Am Tournament on the planet.

Who is Jungle Jim?

Jungle Jim is the fictional hero of a series of jungle adventures in various media. The series began on January 7, 1934 as an American newspaper comic strip chronicling the adventures of Asia-based hunter Jim Bradley, who was nicknamed Jungle Jim.

How many movies did Johnny Weissmuller make as Tarzan?

12 Tarzan films

What was Jungle Jim’s last name?

hunter Jim Bradley

What did Tarzan always say?

The yell can best be described as a “Mmmmm-ann-gann-niii” sound that gradually rises ever higher in pitch.

Who actually did the Tarzan yell?

Although the RKO Picture version of the Tarzan yell was putatively that of Weissmuller, different stories exist as to how the Tarzan yell was created. One claim is that a man named Lloyd Thomas Leech was the original voice behind the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Tarzan yell.

Is Jungle Jims only in Cincinnati?

In more than 30 years at its current location, Jungle Jim’s has grown from a 4,200-square-foot fruit stand founded by Jim Bonamino to a sprawling four-acre complex known for its whimsical design flourishes and wide product selection that draw shoppers from as far away as Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; and Lexington and

Did Tony Goldwyn do the Tarzan yell?

In the 1999 Disney animated film Tarzan, the character himself lets out an updated version of his jungle call at various moments. The yell is dubbed by Brian Blessed, who voiced the villain Clayton. This was done after Tony Goldwyn, who voiced the title character, blew his vocals.

What was the name of Jungle Jim’s chimpanzee?


Where is Johnny Weissmuller buried?

Valley of the Light Cemetery, Akapulkas, Meksika

How many Jungle Jim movies are there?

sixteen films

What is Jungle Jim’s real name?

James O. Bonaminio

Which is the biggest Jungle Jim’s?

Jungle Jim’s International Market in Eastgate opened Tuesday, delighting Greater Cincinnati foodies who have been clamoring for a second location for years. The new store, located at 4450 Eastgate South Drive, is even bigger than the original Jungle Jim’s location in Fairfield.2012-09-25

Did Johnny Weissmuller jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

Weissmuller did climb up the bridge cables, but the dummy’s plunge, shot from above, was into a tank at MGM studios in California. Eventually Tarzan and Jane regain custody of Boy (with the help of a herd of circus elephants) and return to the jungle, realizing that New York just isn’t for everybody.2003-01-26

How many Jungle Jim movies did Johnny Weissmuller make?

sixteen Jungle Jim movies

Where is Johnny Weissmuller?

In 1979, he entered the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California, for several weeks before moving with his last wife, Maria, to Acapulco, Mexico, the location of his last Tarzan movie. On , Weissmuller died from pulmonary edema at the age of 79.

Where is the original Jungle Jims?

Fairfield, Ohio

Johnny Weissmuller – IMDb

Johnny Weissmuller 1955 Jungle Moon Men Johnny Weissmuller 1954 Cannibal Attack Johnny Weissmuller 1954 Jungle Man-Eaters Jungle Jim 1953 Killer Ape Jungle Jim 1953 Valley of Head Hunters Jungle Jim 1953 Savage Mutiny Jungle Jim 1952 Voodoo Tiger Jungle Jim 1952 Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land Jungle Jim 1951 Jungle Manhunt Jungle Jim

Johnny Weissmuller – Wikipedia

Johnny Weissmuller (born Johann Peter Weißmüller; June 2, 1904 – ) was an American Olympic swimmer and actor.Weissmuller was known for having one of the best competitive swimming records of the 20th century. He set numerous world records alongside winning five gold medals in the Olympics. He won the 100m freestyle and the 4 × 200 m relay team event in 1924 at the Paris

Johnny Weissmuller List of Movies and TV Shows – TV Guide

Johnny Weissmuller Profession Actor Actor 36 Credits Irre sind mannlich Captive Girl Jungle Jim The Lost Tribe Tarzan’s Desert Mystery Tarzan and His Mate Tarzan, the Ape Man Stage Door Canteen

Johnny Weissmuller Movies List: Best to Worst

List of the best Johnny Weissmuller movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Johnny Weissmuller’s highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Johnny Weissmuller movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Johnny Weissmuller movies will be at

Johnny Weissmuller: Movies, TV, and Bio

Johnny Weissmuller. actor. Born June 2, 1904 in Freidorf, Hungary, Austria-Hungary [now Timisoara, Timis County, Romania] Johnny Weissmuller was born as Peter Johann Weißmüller in Freidorf, today a district of the city of Timisoara in Romania, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Weissmuller would later claim to have been born in

Johnny Weissmuller – Turner Classic Movies

MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992) The Phynx (1970) Jungle Moon Men (1955) Johnny Weissmuller Devil Goddess (1955) Johnny Weissmuller Cannibal Attack (1954) Johnny Weissmuller Jungle Man-Eaters (1954) Jungle Jim Photos & Videos View All Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932) – Movie Posters 4 Photos Tarzan, The Ape Man (1932) — (Movie Clip) Let Me Go!

List of 35 Johnny Weissmuller Movies, Ranked Best to Worst

List of Johnny Weissmuller Movies: Ranked Best To Worst 1. Tarzan and His Mate (1934) 15 3 As: Cast Role: Tarzan Director: Jack Conway, James C. McKay, Cedric Gibbons Genres: Action, Adventure Star Cast: Neil Hamilton, Forrester Harvey, Maureen O’Sullivan, Paul Cavanagh, 2. Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) 15 2 As: Cast Role: Tarzan Director:

Johnny Weissmuller | Movies and Filmography | AllMovie

Johnny Weissmuller Active – 1929 – 1990 | Born – Jun 2, 1904 | Died – | Genres – Adventure , Action Overview ↓

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) Collection — The Movie

Tarzan Finds a Son! . A young couple die in a plane crash in the jungle. Their son is found by Tarzan and Jane who name him Boy and raise him as their own. Five years later a search party comes to find the young heir to millions of dollars. Jane agrees, against Tarzan’s will, to lead them to civilization.

Johnny Weissmuller – Biography – IMDb

When Weissmuller was introduced to the first Cheetah in his Tarzan films in 1931 (he worked with 8 chimpanzees altogether), the chimp’s trainer told him to show no fear or the animal would attack him.

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The Tragic Death of Johnny Weissmuller & His Son (Tarzan

Johnny also made 16 Jungle Jim films starting in 1948. after the Tarzan franchise ended. He retired from acting in 1957 but never stopped working. He partnered in various business ventures and performed for fans in water shows throughout the 1950s. Like and subscribe for more on the greatest classic movie stars of all time.

Biography – Johnny Weissmuller

Still from movie Crystal Champions with Johnny and Martha Norelius Hollywood also came calling that year, and it appeared his first major movie role would be in a new “talkie” starring Jeanne Eagels; however, shortly after production began tragedy struck when Ms. Eagels died of an overdose so the film was never made.

Johnny Weissmuller: Jungle Jim Movies

Cannibal Attack, Jungle Moon Men and Devil Goddess were the final three movies in the Jungle Jim movie series – though technically they were not Jungle Jim movies as Johnny Weissmuller elected to use his own name in the movies.

Home – Johnny Weissmuller

After his debut in “Tarzan of the Apes” in 1932, he became an international movie star in the golden era of 30’s and 40’s Hollywood, and his fame lasted throughout the television era – establishing him as a true worldwide phenomenon for over seven decades.

Amazon.com: The Jungle Jim Movie Collection : Johnny

Johnny Weissmuller 9 DVD 10 offers from $22.98 The Jungle Jim Movie Collection (Jungle Jim / Voodoo Tiger / Savage Mutiny / Jungle Man-Eaters / Cannibal Attack / Devil Goddess) Johnny Weissmuller 26 DVD 3 offers from $24.49 Silver Screen Icons: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, Volume 1 (4FE) Various 643 DVD 25 offers from $5.00

Johnny Weissmuller – YouTube

Johnny Weissmuller – Tarzan And The Amazons (1945)_chunk_3.aviTarzan and the Amazons (1945) is an adventure film starring Johnny Weissmuller in his ninth out

Johnny Weissmuller | The Movies Wiki | Fandom

Janos (Johann) Peter Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 – ) was an American actor, Olympian and swimmer. He was known for portraying Edgar Rice Burroughs ‘ Tarzan in Tarzan the Ape Man, five sequels produced by MGM, and six additional films by RKO.

Movies With Johnny Weissmuller – List Challenges

Glorifying the American Girl (1929) 2. Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) Rotten Tomatoes® 100%. 3. Tarzan and His Mate (1934) Rotten Tomatoes® 100%. 4. Tarzan Escapes (1936)

Tarzan Escapes (1936) – 2-Tarzan and Jane Waking in the

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) wants to go for a swim. The primitive way he grabs Jane’s (Maureen O’Sullivan) ankle and slides her out of the loft to wake her is teasing and playful. Tarzan eventually

Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. Filmography and Movies | Fandango

Featured Movie News. news item ‘The Batman’ Arrives On Vudu – Watch The First 10 Minutes Now Read More; news item ‘Umma’ Is On Vudu – Watch The First 10 Minutes Here Read More; news item This Week in Movie News: ‘Free Guy’ Director to Helm ‘Deadpool 3,’ Sydney Sweeney Joins ‘Madame Web’ and More Read More

How to watch and stream Johnny Weissmuller movies and TV shows

Johnny Weissmuller. How to watch on Roku Johnny Weissmuller movies and TV shows Actor. 10 Movies on Roku. Glorifying the American Girl. Edited Version, 1929 UNRATED 1h 27m Musical. Glorifying the American Girl. 1929 TV14 1h 36m Musical drama comedy. Tarzan, the Ape Man. 1932 NR 1h 39m Adventure.

Jungle Jim (film) – Wikipedia

Jungle Jim is a 1948 American adventure film directed by William Berke and starring Johnny Weissmuller. It is based on Alex Raymond ‘s Jungle Jim comic strip and was distributed by Columbia Pictures. It is the first picture in the Jungle Jim series that consists of 16 films originally released between 1948 and 1955.

TCM Classics: Tarzan – Vol. 2 (2-Disc DVD, 1941) w/ Slip

TARZAN THE APE MAN 1932 Johnny Weissmuller b&w Movie DVD Rare Import Bo Ying. Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. $9.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. TMC Greatest Classic Films Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan -Vol. 1 (DVD, 2011, 2 Disc) Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. $23.50.

Category:Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films | Tarzan Wiki

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman. Tarzan and the Mermaids. Tarzan Escapes. Tarzan Finds a Son! Tarzan the Ape Man (1932 film) Tarzan Triumphs. Tarzan’s New York Adventure. Tarzan’s Secret Treasure. Tarzan’s Desert Mystery.

Johnny Weissmuller: Home Page

Johnny Weissmuller is best known for his role as Tarzan and he played the role in a total of 12 films. He created the distinctive Tarzan yodelling call, which is still used and often imitated. Before his successful Hollywood career Weissmuller was an accomplished international swimmer, winning five Olympic gold medals (three in Paris 1924 and

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers

Actors Who Have Played Tarzan – ReelRundown

My child hood hero, Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. Playing Tarzan in the back yard. My claim to fame is the Tarzan yell. I could do all the different Tarzan yells from the different Tarzan I saw in the movies. Johnny Weissmuller’s yell is the best and most known. I am now 69 years old and can still do the yell.

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) Collection – Posters — The

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) Collection. ← Back to main. SVG’s and PNG’s are supported. SVG’s are preferred since they are resolution independent. Posters English 1; Can’t find a movie or TV show? Login to create it. Login. Sign Up. Global. s focus the search bar. p open profile menu. esc close an open window? open keyboard shortcut window.

Johnny Weissmuller Dies at 79; Movie Tarzan and Olympic

Johnny Weissmuller, the Olympic swimming champion who went on to fame as Tarzan of the Jungle in the movies, died at his home here Friday night, according to a funeral home. He was 79 years old. Luis Flores of the Gomez funeral home said Mr. Weissmuller’s wife, Maria, had not completed funeral arrangements but that burial would probably be

Johnny Weissmuller – Timeline featuring movies and other

János “Johnny” Weissmüller Jr. ( – ) was an American actor and longshoreman. He also authored a book about his father, the five-time Olympic Games gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller, who achieved additional fame playing the title role in the Tarzan movies of the 1930s and 1940s.

Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan movies are – Neocities

johnny weissmuller’s tarzan movies are. tarzan the ape man (1932) tarzan and his mate (1934) tarzan escapes (1936) tarzan finds a son (1939) tarzan’s secret treasure (1941) tarzan’s new york adventure (1942) tarzan triumphs (1943) tarzan’s desert mystery (1943) tarzan and the amazons (1945) tarzan and the leopard woman (1946) tarzan and the

Category:Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films – Fandom

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman. Tarzan and the Mermaids. Tarzan Escapes. Tarzan Finds a Son! Tarzan the Ape Man (1932 film) Tarzan Triumphs. Tarzan’s New York Adventure. Tarzan’s Secret Treasure. Tarzan’s Desert Mystery.

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TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Johnny Weissmuller

This is the movie pak from the golden age of black and white to all you Tarzan fans. For all of you that think that Johnny Weissmuller was and is the greatest Tarzan you will not be disappointed. TCM has done an excellent job in bringing these classic movies back.

Johnny Weissmuller Visited Palm Springs After Success of

The story beneath noted, “Johnny Weissmuller, who was in Palm Springs for the golf tournament, delighted El Mirador guests by presenting an impromptu swimming program at the pool over the week-end.”. Weissmuller, an Olympic swimmer, became famous for the part he played of Tarzan the Ape Man, a very popular movie of the same name released in

Johnny Weissmuller during filming of a Tarzan movie

The film they were making was “Tarzan’s Secret Treasure” (1941) produced by MGM, directed by Richard Thorpe, and starring Johnny Weissmuller and Margaret O’Sullivan. Partly filmed at Wakulla Springs (although O’Sullivan never came to Florida).

TARZAN (Johnny Weissmuller) collection + FINsubs

Download TARZAN (Johnny Weissmuller) collection + FINsubs with hash 4e0e355de14ee4fd9a9d6c2d74e4a6ba20929e37 and other torrents for free on CloudTorrents

Johnny Sheffield – Biography – IMDb

He is best remembered for playing Boy, the adopted son of Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan in eight Tarzan movies, and for his role as Bomba the Jungle Boy in a dozen low-budget Monogram features. Johnny and his brother Billy Sheffield were both in Knute Rockne All American (1940), playing Knute Rockne at different ages.

Life With Cheeta the Chimp, the Former 'Tarzan' Film Star

Jiggs was better known to the public as Cheeta, Johnny Weissmuller’s comic sidekick in the Tarzan films of the 1930s and 40s. Or at least one of the Cheetas, as several were cast per movie.

Johnny Weissmuller Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

Johnny Weismuller, the Olympic Gold medalist who rose to motion picture fame in the role of “Tarzan,” died in Acapulco 1-20. He was 79. Weismuller is American swimmer and actor Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan in a promotional portrait for ‘Tarzan the Ape Man’, directed by W. S. Van Dyke, 1932.

The Best Movies Starring Johnny Weissmuller – Flickchart

“Tarzan and His Mate”, “Tarzan the Ape Man”, “Tarzan Finds a Son!”, “Tarzan and the Amazons”, & “Tarzan Escapes” are on The Best Movies Starring Johnny Weissmuller on

Johnny Weissmuller: Tarzan Movies

Website Dedicated to Johnny Weissmuller Johnnys big break into Hollywood movies came as a result of MGM taking an option on two of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan stories. In the search for an actor to portray Tarzan, Weissmuller was noticed by MGM screenwriter, Cyril Hume, at the Hollywood Athletic Club where both were members.

Tarzan's Revenge : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming

He was American as Apple Pie. And an Olympic Champion as were Johnny Weissmuller, Bruce Bennett (aka Herman Brix) and Buster Crabbe (Though only Buster also brought Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers to life). So, sorry to the ant-American viewer but the Americans didn’t go anywhere. By the way, the movie flopped when it came out and Morris quit the

Johnny Weissmuller & Myrna Loy + John Wayne TCM Movies

Johnny Weissmuller Movies. Turner Classic Movies: Friday, Aug. 3. 6:00 AM TARZAN AND THE MERMAIDS (1948) Tarzan and Jane try to keep a woman from being forced to marry a con artist.

Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan

Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan. One of the greatest action heroes of all-time lept across the screen in loin cloth, knife, and limited vocabulary all in glorious black and white! Look out world, it’s the ONLY Tarzan ever: Johnny Weissmuller! Tarzan movies were very popular on the afternoon movie that started at 4:00 on channel 2.

Johnny Weissmuller's TARZAN Films: A Childhood Reminiscence

Johnny Weissmuller’s TARZAN Films: A Childhood Reminiscence Just as suddenly as the heady refrain of a song can be capable of propelling one’s thoughts back to a specific time and place, so a number of movies have that same effect on me.

ERBzine 0393: Nkima Chat 11 ~ Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller made 12 Tarzan movies, then portrayed Jungle Jim in 16 films for Columbia Pictures between 1948 and 1955. This khaki-clad Weissmuller is the logical extension of a Tarzan without the benefit of kavuru pills. The reason these B-movies worked so well was indeed because we saw an older and wiser Tarzan, one mellowed by age and

Johnny Weissmuller: More than Tarzan – Legacy.com

Johnny Weissmuller was swimming’s first superstar. When Johnny Weissmuller died , his iconic role as “Tarzan of the Jungle” in almost 20 movies was inevitably mentioned in the

Johnny Weissmuller Movies and TV Shows – TV Listings | TV

Add Johnny Weissmuller to your Watchlist to find out when it’s coming back. Check if it is available to stream online via “Where to Watch”. Today’s Netflix Top 10 Rankings

Johnny Weissmuller – artistspress.com

Johnny Weissmuller was a bona fide big star in the era of big stars, and Fury’s sympathetic biography treats him suitably, with a certain gush that evokes old-Hollywood glamour and grandeur. Meanwhile, the many illustrations display a beaming, tanned, frequently scantily clad man who was every inch the Olympic swimming champ as well as movie star.

Johnny Weissmuller – Simple English Wikipedia, the free

Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 – ) was a German-American swimmer and actor.He was born in Timisoara, Austria-Hungary to German parents.. He was one of the world’s best swimmers in the 1920s.He won five gold medals and set five then-Olympic records in swimming competitions at the Olympics in 1924 and 1928, and a bronze medal in water polo at the 1924 Olympics.

Johnny Weissmuller – Age, Birthday, Biography, Movies

Johnny Weissmuller. Johnny Weissmuller is a 79 years old US swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder actor from Freidorf. Johnny Weissmuller was born on (died on , he was 79 years old) in Freidorf as Peter Johann Weißmüller. His nickname was Weissmüller Peter Johann.

Johnny Weissmuller – the Data Lounge

Weissmuller was so goddamn hot! Johnny Weissmuller and wife Lupe Velez about to board a plane. R1. That’s an extremely good photo of him. He was mostly pretty unappealing, at least to me. Now Burce Cabot was something else. [quote] That’s an extremely good photo of him. He was mostly pretty unappealing, at least to me.

Tarzan and His Mate, 1934 – Colorem

Tarzan and His Mate is a 1934 American Pre-Code action adventure film based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the second in the Tarzan film series to star Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan. The film’s cult status is largely due to O’Sullivan wearing one of the most revealing costumes in screen history at that time; a halter-top and a loincloth that leave her

Johnny Weissmuller – YOURDICTIONARY

Johnny Weissmuller. Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984), who played the role of Tarzan in films made during the 1930s, was one of the best swimmers of the twentieth century. He won five Olympic gold medals, set 24 world records, and won 51 AAU titles. Although many older sources claim that Weissmuller was born in Windber, Pennsylvania, the son of

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Johnny Weissmuller – Hollywood Star Walk – Los Angeles Times

Actor | Athlete Born Peter Johann Weissmuller on June 2, 1904 in Freidorf, Romania. Died of pulmonary edema in Acapulco, Mexico. J ohnny Weissmuller was a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete and star of Tarzan movies. Six feet, three inches tall with a deep chest and classic profile, Weissmuller became in the 1920s a symbol of all

Johnny Weissmuller – Hollywood's Golden Age

Johnny Weissmuller was the sixth movie Tarzan and he played the role in a total of 12 films. He is by far the best known of the actors who have portrated the character before or since, and the distinctive yodelling Tarzan call which he created, is still mucn used and imitated.

Johnny Weissmuller Movies on DVD, VHS & More – Alibris

Shop movies starring Johnny Weissmuller on DVD, VHS, and rare video formats at Alibris. Our marketplace offers a huge selection of movies from sellers worldwide.

Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller | Page 2 | Steve

Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller. Discussion in ‘Visual Arts’ started by milankey, . Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > geoffr Forum Resident. Location: Pittsburgh, PA. I remember him diving off the Brooklyn Bridge in New York Adventure. Those were great movies to see on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.

Johnny Weissmuller – Everything2.com

Johnny Weissmuller. ( person) by borgo. Wed Apr 10 2002 at 17:15:54. Probably the first jock to turn movie star and widely recognized as the first Tarzan. Johnny Weissmuller was born in what today is considered Romania in 1904 and his family soon emigrated to the United States. He was sickly as a child and under the advice of his doctor took up

Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan and His Mate Posters and Photos

JOHNNY WEISSMULLER TARZAN PRINTS AND POSTERS 171278 $6.99. Choose Options. Add to Wishlist.

Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller (born Peter Johann Weissmüller; June 2, 1904 – ) was an Austro-Hungarian-American competition swimmer and actor best known for playing Tarzan in films of the 1930s and 1940s and for having one of the best competitive swimming records of the 20th century. Weissmuller was one of the world’s fastest swimmers

Johnny Weissmuller – Hollywood Walk of Fame

Johnny Weissmuller was a Austro-Hungarian-born American swimmer and actor. Weissmuller was one of the world’s best swimmers in the 1920s, winning five Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal. He won fifty-two US National Championships and set sixty-seven world records. After his swimming career, he became the sixth actor to portray Tarzan in films, a […]

Johnny Sheffield dies at 79; played Boy in Tarzan movies

Johnny Sheffield, the former child actor who played Boy in the Tarzan movie series starring Johnny Weissmuller in the late 1930s and ’40s and later starred in the Bomba, the Jungle Boy film

Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984) – Find a Grave Memorial

Johnny Weissmuller never lost a race and retired from his amateur swimming career undefeated. He was the greatest swimmer of all time. In 1950, the sportswriters and sportscasters of America voted him by an overwhelming margin the greatest swimmer of the half century. After turning professional, Mr. Weissmuller endorsed bathing suits for a while.

Johnny Weissmüller — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Johnny Weissmuller (born Johann Peter Weißmüller; June 2, 1904 – ) was an Austro-Hungarian-born American swimmer and actor. Weissmuller was one of the world’s best swimmers in the 1920s, winning five Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal. He won fifty-two US National Championships and set sixty-seven world records. After his swimming career, he became the sixth actor to

Cannibal Attack VHS – Johnny Weissmuller 1990 – Out Of Print

Cannibal Attack VHS – Johnny Weissmuller 1990 – Out Of Print. In next to perfect shape with only some minor condition issues in the way of lightly bumped corners, light indentations to the cover (Pic 4) and written in pen is the number 848 faintly on the side (Pic 5) The tape looks brand new and has no issues of note. Happy to answer any

Johnny Weissmuller Net Worth

Johnny Weissmuller was born in Szabadfalva, Austria-Hungary in June 1904 and passed away in January 1984. He was best known for starring as Tarzan in a series of films in the 1930s and 40s.

Tarzan The Ape Man (1932) – Johnny Weissmuller Colorized

Tarzan The Ape Man (1932) Colorized Version. A trader and his daughter set off in search of the fabled graveyard of the elephants in deepest Africa, only to encounter a wild man raised by apes.

Legends of the Pool: Johnny Weissmuller – SwimSwam

Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904-) Michael Phelps, with little argument, is the biggest swimming star on the planet right now. Now, imagine if Michael Phelps, and not Robert

Johnny Sheffield obituary | Movies | The Guardian

Wed 27 Oct 2010 14.01 EDT. After three hit Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller in the title role and Maureen O’Sullivan as Jane, MGM decided to give a son to the apeman and his mate in

Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan and His Mate Posters and Photos

JOHNNY WEISSMULLER HUNKY TARZAN PRINTS AND POSTERS 168251 $6.99. Choose Options. Add to Wishlist.

Johnny Weissmuller | Jungle Cruise Wiki | Fandom

Johann/Janos Peter “Johnny” Weissmuller (1904-1984) is a historic Austrian film actor, swimmer and olympic athlete. Weissmuller is best remembered for having played Edgar Rice Burroughs’ character of Tarzan in the 1932 film Tarzan the Ape Man and its sequels. Weissmuller is indirectly referenced twice by Albert Awol in Walt Disney World’s Jungle Cruise. Awol does an impression of Weissmuller’s

Johnny Weissmuller Dies at Age 79 – The Washington Post

Johnny Weissmuller, 79, the Olympic swimming gold medalist who rose to worldwide fame as “Tarzan of the Jungle” in 18 motion pictures, died of a pulmonary edema Jan. 20 at his home in Acapulco

Tarzan Movies | The German Way & More

Tarzan Films: Weissmuller and the German-Hollywood Connection Tarzan: Johnny Weissmuller > Tarzan Movies Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) published his first serialized Tarzan story in 1912, Tarzan of the Apes. The book version came out in 1914. By 1947 he had published over 20 books in the Tarzan series. Only four years after the first Tarzan novel, the first cinematic version of that

Johnny Weissmuller – MoviePosters.com

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