Does bearded dragon like to climb?

Does bearded dragon like to climb?

Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal creatures. This means they naturally spend at least some of their time up in trees! This also means that they like to climb. No, correction, they love to climb.2019-02-17

Do bearded dragons like to explore?

If given the chance, your beardie wants to run, climb, and explore. So give it to them! Take them out every once in a while. Not just to ride on your shoulder, but let them explore.2019-02-17

Do bearded dragons like to walk around the house?

Even though they are normally quite calm and quiet, bearded dragons are intrinsically curious and will benefit from spending time outside their tank. However, to let them roam around, you should make sure there are no potential dangers in the room that could harm your beardie.2021-07-06

Can bearded dragons climb up glass?

Bearded dragons, and some other reptiles, sometimes exhibit a curious behavior that many call “glass surfing” (or glass dancing). What is this? Simply put, this is a name for when these lizards begin to run the length of their glass enclosed tanks trying to climb the tank glass sides.2020-08-26

Can bearded dragons climb up walls?

Also known as glass dancing, bearded dragons will scurry around their tank and attempt to climb the walls of the enclosure. The reptile rubs its belly on the wall to get a grip while its arms are waving frantically.

How do you bake wood for reptiles?

Preheat your oven to 250° 300° degrees Fahrenheit, place your wood pieces inside and bake for 60 minutes. We suggest setting a recurring timer every 10 minutes to check for charring. Baking wood is a potential fire hazard, so you should never leave the oven unattended.

Why is my bearded dragon trying to climb up the glass?

Glass surfing is thought to be a result of stress and a bearded dragon may be stressed for several reasons: An enclosure or tank that’s too small for it can stress a bearded dragon out. Another bearded dragon, even if they’re not housed together, may be interpreted as competition for a bearded dragon and cause stress.2020-05-28

What type of wood is safe for reptiles?

Safe Woods Provided they haven’t been exposed to chemicals; oak (Quercus sp.), dogwood (Cornus floridana), tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera), maple (Acer sp.) and crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia sp.) branches are popular and safe choices for providing climbing opportunities and decoration.

Can you use tree branches for bearded dragons?

The best types of branches for your bearded dragon’s tank that you can find for sale are grapewood branches like this, oak, maple, driftwood, lilac, Mopani wood, fruit trees and willow. You can use almost anything that is not toxic.

How do you bake wood for a bearded dragon?

Temperature to Bake Wood to Kill Parasites and Pathogens The AVMA (2009) recommends heating branches between 200-250ºC (392-482°F) for at least half an hour. The thickness of the branches will determine how long they should be heated for.2020-01-30

Do bearded dragons live in trees?

What do Bearded Dragons live on in the wild? Bearded dragons are able to use a wide range of habitat. Bearded dragons may live on leaf litter, fallen branches, tall trees or short bushes, rocks and sand are all potential areas a bearded dragon lives on in the wild.2020-06-02

Do bearded dragons like to run around the house?

This all depends on the bearded dragon again! They may be uncomfortable at first because they don’t know their surroundings, but the more they are exposed to it, they should grow more comfortable being out and about in the house. There also are some benefits that come with having them run around the house.

What do bearded dragons like to climb?

Cage Furniture: Bearded dragons are ground dwellers but will climb rocks and low branches. Provide branches to climb, rocks to bask upon, and shelter to hide in. Ideally a rock should be placed under the heat lamp and a similar item in the cool area as well.

Is plywood safe for leopard geckos?

No problem using plywood.. If you want to deal it use a couple of coats of yatch varnish and let it dry for a couple of weeks before insalling in the viv.2015-11-26

Is plywood safe for reptiles?

No i would not. Unless you take the time to seal everything really well. But that could be a PITA and expose your snake to chemicals if you dont do it correctly. Plywood is just chips of wood held together with glue so it molds and decomposes very easily.2012-06-17

What wood is safe for reptile enclosures?

Safe wood for building reptile enclosure Many hardwood species, including ash, oaks, and dogwoods, are safe and work well in a reptile habitat. Few conifers are appropriate to use as logs for lizards, and you should avoid wood from cedar or eucalyptus trees because of the aromatic compounds the wood releases.

Can I let my bearded dragon roam the house?

Can you let your bearded dragon run around the house? Yes, you can! You just want to make sure there are no dangers in the room, and that you don’t leave your bearded dragon unattended. Make sure the room you are letting them out in is clean, and that there aren’t any sharp objects or things that could hurt them.

What wood is toxic to Beardies?

Cedar. Cedar has long been used in closets because it’s naturally resistant to insects and decay. Unfortunately, cedar is one of the most dangerous woods for reptiles and should not be used in their care at all.

Is it better to keep bearded dragon in a screen or glass cage?

Your bearded dragon cage also needs a lid. The only option here is a screen lid. Glass and plastic covers make it much harder to control the humidity, which can be unhealthy for your beardie. Make sure your screen cover is sturdy enough to handle the weight of your tank’s lights!2018-05-03

Where is the best place to put a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon’s tank should be placed in a quiet, climate-controlled room in your home. The tank should be out of reach of household pets as well as small children. The tank itself should never be placed in direct sunlight as this could be harmful or even fatal to the bearded dragon inside.2020-09-05

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Bearded Dragon Scientific Classification – MYBEARDIES.COM

Pogona is a genus of Agaminae, which is one of six subfamilies of Agamidae. Agaminae refers to the family of Agamids that are found throughout Africa, Asia, and Australia. Pogona are also listed under the Agamidae sub-family, Amphibolurinae, which are found throughout Australia and New Guinea.

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11 Best Reptile Climbing Branches – Pet Care Advisors

The driftwood is heat-treated, has a wide diameter, and is available in 12-18 inches and 24-inch medium size, making it perfect for bearded dragons of all sizes, i.e., babies, juveniles and adults. Fluker’s Driftwood Check Prices 10. EONMIR 8-Foot Reptile Vines

Safe and Harmful Plants for Bearded – Pet Care Advisors

Your bearded dragons can eat leaves and flowers of Geranium, a genus name for over 422 species of flowering plants grown for pharmaceutical and horticultural use. Don’t confuse them with Pelargonium spp. Common names for some Geranium species include Carolina cranesbill or Carolina geranium. Geranium leaves and flowers 14. Grape berries and leaves

DIY Bearded dragon climbing tree #108 – YouTube

This is a new decoration for my bearded dragons that i built with some maple trees i cut down in my yard and striped the bark off of.

Safe Trees And Plants

Obviously I can’t leave the tree up forever so I googled safe indoor trees and plants for bearded dragon. All I saw was conflicting advice. One site said conifers and succulents are safe then the next site said they are toxic. The only plant all sites agreed is safe is aloe vera but it’s not big enough for Gryph to climb.

Top Bearded Dragon Safe Plants: What They – Reptile.Guide

Safe Plants for Bearded Dragons to Eat That Also Look Great in Their Cage. These plants will not only add some much-needed pizazz to your bearded dragon’s tank… but will also be safe to consume!. This means should he or she get a case of the munchies or find themselves feeling curious, you won’t have to worry about them eating anything toxic.

Bearded Dragons: Can Bonsai Live in a Reptile Cage

Bearded dragons eat insects and plant leaves. There is a high chance that your pet will eat the leaves, flowers, or fruits of the bonsai. If the tree is poisonous, the dragon can get an allergic reaction or an upset stomach. Therefore, you must always research your bonsai’s properties before placing it near a bearded dragon.

9 Safe Plants for Bearded Dragon Habitats – Reptile Advisor

The following nine plants are among the safest species to use in bearded dragon enclosures, and they’re often well-suited to terrarium life. 1. Haworthia Plants (Haworthia spp.) Hailing from arid regions of South Africa, haworthia plants are some of the most popular terrarium plants for those who keep desert-dwelling species.

Bearded Dragons for Sale – MorphMarket

Bearded Dragons for Sale in North America. Scientific name: Pogona We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. Try browsing the Bearded Dragons Index if you’re looking for something specific. For more information, check out How It Works.

Bearded Dragons – Bush Heritage Australia

A Central Bearded Dragon in a tree. Photo Albert Wright. Bearded dragons live in woodlands, coastal dunes, heathland, tropical savannahs and deserts. They’re often seen basking on tree stumps, fence posts, branches or boulders. From here they can see predators, prey and mates, all the while soaking up some sun. Bearded dragon behaviour bearded dragon christmas ornament

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Bearded Dragon Terrarium Furniture, Plants, Decor

Bearded dragon tank branch from outside – how to clean and disinfect? Before placing a branch into bearded dragon’s terrarium, you must sanitize it. There are two ways to disinfect a branch that you bought or collected. If you have bought one, bake the branch in the foil for half an hour to 50 minutes in the oven at 230 F (110 Celsius).

tree frog mixing

Both require the same type of heating and humidity along with food and water. The white lipped get large enough that your Whites would not eat them. Whites are cannibals and will eat any other frogs (not always but usually) that are small enough to fit in their mouth, even other Whites.

Can bearded dragons have bonsai trees

Your bearded dragon can easily climb over it without breaking or damaging the plant. You can move the plant whenever you want. You can wash the plant whenever it gets dirty. Drawbacks of using artificial bonsai tree for bearded dragon. The plastic used for making the artificial bonsai plant can be of cheap standard and toxic for your bearded

Dragon Tree: Indoor Plant Care & Growing Guide – The Spruce

Dragon trees grow best in bright light but can also survive in partial shade. Keep in mind, plants kept in lower light situations will grow slower and produce smaller leaves with less intense color. Additionally, take care not to place your dragon tree in a spot that receives direct rays of sunlight—its foliage can burn easily.  

Steve Dale's Pet World 4/24/2020 | Tree House Humane

Dr. Krista Keller, assistant Professor Zoological Medicine at University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine agrees that bearded dragon lizards are the most domesticated of all lizards. Discussed is why these are great starter lizards. Steve offers his additional choices for starter reptiles. Suggest a Correction

Menomonee Falls Pet World theft; bearded dragon lizard stolen

Two suspects stole a bearded dragon lizard on Saturday, April 9. The suspects left the store in an unknown direction. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Officer Kaiser of

Bearded dragons: facts and photos – Animals

The central bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps, is the most common species to have as a pet. Habitat In the wild, bearded dragons’ range extends across most of Australia.

Bearded Dragon Climbing: Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb

Bearded dragons are great climbers. They can climb very high like some bearded dragons are found at a height of two meters. They can climb trees, branches, and other things when they are in the wild. They can also climb a wall of tanks. Bearded dragon climbing is a common sight if you pet them.

Bearded Dragon Ornament – Etsy

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Bearded Dragon Habitat in the Wild: Guide in Setting Up

The other natural bearded dragon habitats for the Pogona Vitticeps are those with some shrubs, no trees, and considerable grass, like the Mitchell Grass. We want to inform our readers that Walpeup in Victoria, Australia is among the many examples of locations where wild bearded dragons reside.

Reptiles For Sale –

Bearded dragon + setup. Inverness, Highland. Bearded dragon ( unsexed 4 months old ) extremely lovely little dragon loves eating and loves interacting with people perfect first reptile for someone and comes with a custom made vivarium reason for sale is we are relocating soon please text if you. Age. Age: 4 months.

30 Bearded Dragon Facts (Must-Read for Reptile Enthusiasts!)

A bearded dragon’s skin is different depending on the appearance of their home. Scientists have discovered that bearded dragons have the ability to change color to match their habitat . Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal and love to climb trees!

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A Bearded dragon on a tree trunk – YouTube

A Bearded dragon becomes darker after being placed on a tree trunk. When researchers leave the field of view of the lizard, it becomes light coloured again.

Bearded Tree – Etsy

Bearded Dragon with Christmas Tree Tank Decor – Pet Portrait – Reptile Art – Bearded Dragon Mom Gifts – Christmas Trees – Bearded Dragons spikedays 5 out of 5 stars (973) $ 7.50 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Bearded Dragon and Mushroom Mug SkullpturesByJaden 5 out of 5 stars (79

10 Creative Bearded Dragon Enclosure Ideas to Try in 2022

This bearded dragon tank is awesome because it provides tons of different natural textures for the bearded dragon to enjoy. From shrubbery to wood to dried excavator clay mounds, these various textures perfectly recreate those found in any grassland and semi-desert region.. Just make sure that you only incorporate plants and woods that are deemed 100% safe for your bearded dragon.

What Is a Bearded Dragon's Life Cycle? (with pictures)

The fifth stage of a bearded dragon’s life is maturity. Female bearded dragons generally lay eggs in batches of about 20 at a time. The egg, or prehatchling stage, is the first stage in a bearded dragon’s life cycle. Bearded dragon eggs will usually hatch after about 55 to 75 days, thus ending the first stage.

Bearded Dragon Accessories and Enriching Life

Clearly you aren’t going to provide a habitat with tall trees, but understanding the sort of environment your bearded dragon is evolved for will help create an environment that supports it. If your bearded dragon likes to rest vertically, then branches will be important. If it likes to rest on the ground then some form of burrow might be better.

What wood is toxic to bearded dragons? –

Furthermore, what wood is safe for bearded dragons? Safe varieties of wood for bearded dragon’s… Dogwood. Oak. Tulip Tree. Maple. Crepe Myrtle. Similarly, is wood stain safe for reptiles? Any oil-based stain will be toxic to your reptiles. Even water-based stains can be deadly if not properly sealed.

11 Things You Didn't Know Your Bearded Dragon Would Love

Whatever it is, bearded dragons seem to love it. Google “beardie burrito” and you’ll see plenty of YouTube videos with folks showing you how much their bearded dragon likes it. 3. Multiple hides. Speaking of your bearded dragon feeling safe and secure, one of the places they should feel most safe and secure is in their hide.

Bearded Dragons for Sale – MorphMarket North America

Bearded Dragons for Sale in North America. Scientific name: Pogona We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. Try browsing the Bearded Dragons Index if you’re looking for something specific. For more information, check out How It Works.

Bonzi Trees | Feeding | Bearded Dragon .org

I’m not real sure on the bonzai tree. Here is a list of safe plants for your beardie The following is a list of plants that are known to be safe for Bearded Dragons. My one year old bearded dragon started favoring his one front leg this morning and is limping. He can move it but doesn’t seem to use it to walk.

7 Stress Free Tips for Transporting & Traveling With Your

How To Properly Travel With Your Bearded Dragon. 1. Gather Your Beardie and the Appropriate Supplies. 2. Prepare Your Beardies Temporary Enclosure. 7 Tips for Successfully Transporting Your Bearded Dragon. 1. Don’t Feed your Beardie the Day Before or the Day of Travel. 2.

12 Essential Things All Bearded Dragons Need – Beardie

Get these 12 beardie “must-haves” right and you are 90% of the way to giving your bearded dragon everything it needs! 1. A 2′ x 2′ x 4′ tank. The vivarium you buy and furnish will be your bearded dragon’s home. The primary idea behind providing them a great environment to live in is to get as close to their natural habitat as possible.

PDF Bearded Dragon Care Sheet – Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital

Pogona vitticeps The Inland Bearded Dragon is sometimes referred to as the Central, or Yellow-headed Bearded Dragon. Natural environment The Inland Bearded Dragon lives in the arid woodlands and deserts of central Australia. It spends much of its waking hours in bushes and trees, and basking on rocks. When it is extremely hot, the bearded

Buy Bearded Dragons With Overnight Delivery – Tagged

Buy Bearded Dragons from us, we have 25 plus years of experience shipping Bearded Dragons throughout the United States we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality reptiles along with overnight delivery and a full guarantee.

Bearded Dragon Diet, Food, & Nutrition Guide

Bearded Dragon Diet, Food, & Nutrition A bearded dragon’s diet is vital to keeping him or her healthy and active. Feeding bearded dragons can seem complicated, however by following the easy guidelines below you will be able to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

Bearded Dragon Lighting: The Complete How-To Guide

The ideal temperature for you breaded dragon largely depends on its age. Baby bearded dragons are most comfortable when the basking zone ranges from 105-110°F. Adults, on the other hand, prefer it slightly cooler at 100-105°F. When it comes to the cool zone, anywhere from 80-90°F should work (regardless of age).

20 Bearded Dragon Morphs and Color Types (Common to Rarest

To make a bearded dragon that is yellow in color, breeders mate two dragons that have a good amount of yellow coloring. By repeating this process with future generations, they can create bearded dragons that have a deeper yellow coloring. To make a golden bearded dragon, a yellow bearded dragon is bred with a red bearded dragon.

Central Bearded Dragon – The Australian Museum

Like other Bearded Dragons, this species is an adept climber, and can usually be found on tree stumps, tree branches, boulders and fence posts. From the elevated position the lizard will bask in the sunlight and keep an eye out for potential predators, prey, rivals and mates.

32 Strange & Interesting Facts About Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragon breeders can be found in almost every state in the US. Every state but Hawaii, that is. As a US citizen, you can have a bearded dragon for a pet in 49 of the 50 states. If you live in the aloha state, you cannot. 5. The like to climb trees. Bearded dragons are semi arboreal.

Plants and Decor for a Bearded Dragon Habitat | Bearded

A great way to liven up your bearded dragon habitat is by adding plants, decor, and furnishings. It is very important to add the right types of plants and decor to ensure your bearded dragon is safe and happy. Here are some plants and decor for a bearded dragon habitat to give it a more realistic feel and provide your pet a few things to improve its quality of life.

Bearded Dragons For Sale – Underground Reptiles

underground reptiles supplies some of the best bearded dragons for sale in the world!we have one of the greatest selections you will find including reds, high coloreds, witblits, citrus, hypos and more.

11 Safe Plants for Your Bearded Dragon's Tank | Being Reptiles

Bearded dragons like plants because they provide shade from light sources as well as places to hide if they feel threatened or stressed by other animals in the tank. Here are 11 safe plants for your bearded dragon’s tank: 1. Ficus. Ficus plants are one of the best safe plants to put in a bearded dragon’s tank. plants.

Bearded Dragons – University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Genus: Pogona: Bearded lizard, omnivorous, lives in semiarid habitat . Species: Pogona Vitticeps . Phylogeny of Bearded Dragon and Its Close Relatives . Other Animals in the Class Reptilia: Komodo Dragon. Gila Monster. Frilled Neck Lizard. Snapping Turtle. American Alligator

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Can bearded dragons have bonsai trees –

Your bearded dragon can easily climb over it without breaking or damaging the plant. You can move the plant whenever you want. You can wash the plant whenever it gets dirty. Drawbacks of using artificial bonsai tree for bearded dragon. The plastic used for making the artificial bonsai plant can be of cheap standard and toxic for your bearded

9 Safe Succulents for Bearded dragons to eat – Succulents

One fine day I saw a Bearded dragon in my garden and was eating one of my tiny succulents. Then a thought crossed my mind, are succulents safe for bearded dragons? Then I did some research and found some interesting things about these reptiles. Nowadays Bearded dragons are popular pets among pet lovers.

Dragon Tree: Indoor Plant Care & Growing Guide

Dragon trees grow best in bright light but can also survive in partial shade. Keep in mind, plants kept in lower light situations will grow slower and produce smaller leaves with less intense color. Additionally, take care not to place your dragon tree in a spot that receives direct rays of sunlight—its foliage can burn easily.  

Buy Bearded Dragons With Overnight Delivery – Tagged

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Can Bearded Dragons Climb? (What You Must Know)

Generally, the Bearded Dragon that is the highest up a tree or rock pile is the group leader and most dominant figure while the Dragons at the bottom are submissive and further down the pecking order. When they climb it’s also easier to see their surroundings below them and spot any possible predators before they get close.

Dragon Tree Plant Care – Garden Guides

The dragon tree (Dracaena), native to Africa, grows both indoors and outdoors in tropical or subtropical regions. Currently, around 40 varieties of the dragon tree exist. The plant received its name due to the red sap it secretes when the stems of the plant sustain injury. The red resin substance is believed to

Best Plants For Bearded Dragon Cage – Edible and Decor

Number 3: Nasturtium. Nasturtium is a genus of beautiful plants that are safe and non-toxic for your bearded dragon. What is more, they are edible plants! Your bearded dragon can snack on Nasturtium plants or have in the salad every other day. You can grow nasturtiums in a pot, but your dragon is likely to snack on it.

tree frog mixing | Amphibians | Bearded Dragon .org

Most other types of tree frogs require greater humidity and don’t get very large, so they wouldn’t mix well. Might live for a few months but you would start to see them decline soon after that. Hope this all makes sense.

The 8 Species of Bearded Dragons (Part 1) | HubPages

Bearded dragons are a popular lizard that people keep as pets. They are easy to care for, have a ton of personality and create a bond with their owners. Most pets are from the species known as Central Bearded Dragon or simply, Bearded Dragon. This species along with a couple others began to grace homes since the 1990s.

What Can Bearded Dragons Eat and Not Eat – Over 350 Foods!

No, your bearded dragon must not eat Bonsai tree leaves. Bonsai trees are miniature trees of any kind of a tree. Some Bonsai trees can be toxic to your bearded dragon. Check with each tree type, and avoid putting near your dragon at all. Can bearded dragons eat box elder bugs.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Hiding All The Time – Causes

Most bearded dragons are very sociable and curious, and are tolerant or enjoy of being around people. However, due to various reasons, your bearded dragon might start hiding a lot or all the time in a corner, under a rock, log or carpet and so on.

Can Bearded Dragons Get Bored? – PetDT

Your bearded dragon needs to eat every day, and it should be fed a diet rich in protein. This includes fish, meat, eggs, insects, crickets, worms, fruit, and vegetables. Your bearded dragon should be given plenty of fresh water daily. Basking. Your bearded dragon should spend time basking in the sun.

Bearded Dragon Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free

Browse 4,000 bearded dragon stock photos and images available, or search for bearded dragon on white or bearded dragon white background to find more great stock photos and pictures. Newest results. bearded dragon on white. bearded dragon white background. bearded dragon pet. central bearded dragon.

Bonsai Trees For Bearded Dragons – south african

Bonsai Trees For Bearded Dragons – 14 images – dragon 3 bonsai bark, 5 jpg, dragon bonsai workshop, dragon bonsai tree zoo med laboratories inc,

Steve Dale on Tree House Humane Society and bearded dragon

Tree House was founded in 1971 following the dream of a group of volunteers who wanted better things for Chicago’s homeless cats, clearly the organization has come a long way and for many years has been considered a leader among all-cat shelters in America. Bearded Dragon Lizards

Bearded Dragons Drink Water (5 rehydration techniques)

Bearded dragons drink water, need water and continual mild dehydration causes long term health issues. When a bearded dragon is dehydrated, it is also likely constipated. Provide water by a combination of hydrating routines including bathing, misting (spraying), food, drinking from a bowl and syringe or eye dropper.

Bearded Dragon Teeth and How to Care for Them

Bearded dragon teeth, just like humans they are important to our good health.Unlike many other reptiles, they only get one set…with some exception. Most importantly, bearded dragons teeth are susceptible to periodontal disease, easily damaged and need to be cared for.

Red Bearded Dragons for Sale – MorphMarket North America

Red Bearded Dragons for Sale. BETA. Categories Pythons Ball Pythons Reticulated Pythons Burmese Pythons Short-tailed Pythons

Bearded dragon | Reptiles For Sale – Gumtree

Bearded dragon + setup. Inverness, Highland. Bearded dragon ( unsexed 4 months old ) extremely lovely little dragon loves eating and loves interacting with people perfect first reptile for someone and comes with a custom made vivarium reason for sale is we are relocating soon please text if you. Age. Age: 4 months.

Bearded Dragons for Sale – MorphMarket North America

Bearded Dragons for Sale in North America. Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles. They are hardy, tame, and fun to watch. Care level is beginner. MorphMarket currently has 484 Bearded Dragons for sale listed by 123 Bearded Dragon Sellers in North America. The scientific name for Bearded Dragon is Pogona. Popular Bearded

my bearded dragon wont eat and he keeps hiding under his tree.

my bearded dragon won’t eat and he keeps hiding under his tree. We recently took a smaller tree out and added a larger cave, tree and branch to his cage since he is getting so big. How long can he go without eating? The temp is 95-100 degrees on the heat side and the uv lamp is about 4 months old.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Sleep – Clever Pet Owners

Reason 2: Stress. Believe it or not, bearded dragons can experience stress, and this stress can cause some interesting behaviors, like glass surfing. Glass surfing is the term to describe the act of your bearded dragon trying to climb up the glass of their enclosure in order to get out. Glass surfing is caused from a too small enclosure

Bearded Dragon Christmas Ornaments | Zazzle

Hang Bearded Dragon ornaments from Zazzle on your tree this holiday season. Shop from thousands of festive desig