Does sadness affect fertility?

Does sadness affect fertility?

Can Depression Cause Infertility? No one definitively knows whether depression itself can cause infertility, though some studies have found a correlation between depression and increased rates of infertility. Some theorize that this may be due to an overlap in some of the hormonal issues involved in both conditions.2020-08-29

Does meditation help fertility?

Dr Venkat adds “Meditation also decreases the damage to your cells by releasing another hormone, DHEA, known to prolong the life of cells, including eggs.” It means that, over the longer term, meditation and general well-being have a knock-on effect on the quality of eggs and sperm, and thereby the chances of 2020-06-26

Can a baby meditate?

“Meditation is a gift to offer your child and one that they can carry with them for life.” Most babies are more relaxed and content when they’re first awake, and morning seems to be the best time to practice meditating when they’re very young.2017-07-08

Does meditation help with labor?

Combining deep breathing with meditation can help to soften and relax the central nervous system during childbirth, improve your labor experience and even reduce your perceptions of the pain and length of labor.2022-04-18

Can negative thoughts affect fertility?

There’s no question about it: Your emotional health may on some level affect your ability to conceive. Our thoughts and the way we think determined our emotional and physical state. I feel that negativity and negative thoughts can, at some level, act as a block when trying for a baby.2016-01-29

Can babies feel vibes?

And babies don’t just detect our tension. They are negatively affected by it. It’s one more reason to look after your own well-being, and calm down before interacting with your child.

How do you meditate with a baby?

Most babies are more relaxed and content when they’re first awake, and morning seems to be the best time to practice meditating when they’re very young. Sit yourself in a comfortable position on the floor, and place the baby in your lap with their back against your belly.2017-07-08

What age can a child start meditating?

“Children as young as 3 or 4 years of age can learn breathing techniques that allow them to feel a change in their bodies,” says Vogel. When it comes to teens, Roffe says it’s great if you can join them, but it’s also okay to give them space to practice 5 minutes of meditation in the morning and night.2020-09-29

Does positive thinking help IVF?

Positive thinking can be a very powerful tool when it comes to improving your chances of the IVF process resulting in conception. Stress and anger however, can have a counterproductive effect on IVF treatment, so it’s in your best interests to relieve yourself of these emotions.2018-09-08

Can positive thoughts help you get pregnant?

Try to keep loving fun! Relaxation techniques including meditation, along with positive thinking techniques dramatically increased the odds of conception. -The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Our very lives are oftentimes the result of our own thought patterns, whether they are positive or negative ones.2015-10-07

Can meditation increase fertility?

Meditation helps to release the DHEA hormone, a sex hormone produced by the adrenal glands that prolongs the life of eggs in women. Meditation also helps to release oxytocin, commonly considered the ‘love hormone’, helping couples to bond and conceive naturally.

Is meditation good for baby?

Mentally there is a link between mothers with high stress and an increased chance of psychological issues for the baby. Meditation and mindfulness decrease the risk of these complications, leading to healthier babies.2019-12-24

Does positive thinking help fertility?

Relaxation techniques including meditation, along with positive thinking techniques dramatically increased the odds of conception. -The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Our very lives are oftentimes the result of our own thought patterns, whether they are positive or negative ones.2015-10-07

What will make you more fertile?

Eating more protein from vegetable sources, instead of animal sources, may improve fertility levels in women. Replacing low fat dairy products with high fat versions may help improve fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant.2020-04-22

Can thinking affect fertility?

Domar followed that with a much bigger study a decade later to report that among women who had trouble conceiving, those who received cognitive behavioral therapy were almost twice as likely to end up pregnant as those who didn’t.2020-02-20

Does meditation help baby?

Doctors and scientists have studied the benefits of meditation on pregnant women and they have shown that it can help moms-to-be throughout pregnancy and especially at birth. Moms who have high levels of stress or anxiety during pregnancy are more likely to deliver their babies at preterm or low birth weights.

10-Min Fertility Meditation To Invite Your Baby Into Your

A 10-minute guided meditation for fertility to relax your mind and give your body support during conception. I also include fertility affirmations in this gu

Fertility meditation for inviting your baby into your womb

This fertility meditation is recommended to help you prepare for pregnancy, focusing on positive intentions and reducing stress around trying to conceive. This approach is designed to help you

Fertility Meditation: How it Can Help When Trying to

Luckily, fertility meditation influences hormone centers that can help balance hormones to promote conception.² Starting a regular fertility meditation practice can help recalibrate your hormones, allowing them to function properly so you can create a healthy environment for a baby to grow. Reduced Stress

Meditating to improve fertility and get pregnant quicker

Guided fertility meditation. These are great if you need a little guidance and need a reminder to clear your mind. 7. Create your own visualisations. If you’re not a fan of the fertility guided meditation or being told what to do, that’s ok. I like to do it my own way too.

How Fertility Meditation Can Help Increase Your Chances of

Fertility meditation helps to lower your cortisol levels and restore the balance of estrogen and testosterone in your body which improves your chances of conception. 2. Balanced Hormones In addition to correcting your cortisone levels, fertility meditation makes you release the hormone called DHEA, which prolongs the life of egg cells.

Meditation for Reducing Stress While Trying to Conceive

Why should you meditate when you’re trying to get pregnant? So you know that meditation comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits (that are backed by scientific research) include: Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression Improves focus Improves sleep Can help fight addiction Increases compassion for yourself and others Lowers blood pressure

5 Fertility Meditations if You're TTC (+ Videos to Help

While fertility meditations won’t actually help you get pregnant, they will help calm your body and get you in the right emotional state to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can have a negative impact on your fertility journey. Benefits of Fertility Meditations If you are TTC, you are probably paying more attention to your body’s health.

Guided Meditations | Fertility From the Soul

This guided meditation for fertility focuses on helping you cultivate a sense of basic trust in your body’s ability to get pregnant. When you let go of the stress of fear, doubt and helplessness, your body can relax and open up to joyful possibilities like creating new life. Fertility Meditation – Cultivating Inner Bliss for Deep Relaxation

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5 Ways Meditation Helps Fertility – Destination Fertility

Meditation can turn off the genes that promote inflammation and improve the chances of getting pregnant. Meditation Positively Changes Your Brain There are several hormones that signal the brain when it’s time to grow and release a woman’s eggs. In men, these same hormones tell the testes to make sperm.

Fertility Meditations – Awakening Fertility

Fiona Boulton’s guided fertility meditations make magic happen. This is because meditation is the best medication. Not all meditations are made equal. If you want to succeed, choose a meditation that gets you results for what you need. It makes sense to enjoy specific fertility meditations if you want faster fertility success.

Meditation for Infertility | DIY Fertility Meditation | Juliet

When you download the Mindful IVF app, you get 50 fertility meditations free, starting with 10 preparatory meditations for IVF. You can also purchase individual meditations from the Mindful IVF Plus program. These include topics like: Pre and post meditations Anxiety support meditations 2 week wait meditations Meditations for a donor cycle

The Science Behind Meditation in Fertility, Pregnancy

A mounting body of evidence in support of meditation shows the myriad benefits it has for you (and your baby!). Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, increases mindfulness and awareness, and helps sleep. All these things in turn help your fertility, support your pregnancy, and make it easier to cope with motherhood.

Fertility Meditation – How Meditation Can Increase Your

As a form of fertility meditation, visualisations include imagining yourself with a bump, picturing your baby growing in your womb and holding your baby for the first time. This practice is thought to help promote “a fertile mind and body; allowing yourself to be nourished with thoughts of possibility and capability,” explained Amira.

Three Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Fertility

2. Meditation Reduces Insulin Resistance Insulin resistance can be one of the biggest impediments to getting pregnant. Not only can it impair ovulation, it also contributes to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which may be responsible for up to 35% of female infertility cases. Advertisements

Pregnancy Meditation: Guided Practices for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy & Fertility. Pregnancy can be emotionally and physically taxing for a woman. Changes to a women’s heart rate, blood pressure and autonomic nervous system can create a degree of emotional distress. Meditation during pregnancy can help women cope with the demands on their body and mind during a time of preparation and change.

Online Meditation Coaching Sessions – The Daily Meditation

When you upgrade your meditation practice with us, you will also evolve your mind. You’ll understand how to overcome common issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. And you will evolve your mind, whether you want to connect with your true self, improve your focus and concentration, or cultivate happiness.

Fertility Meditation: Everything You Need to Know | Peanut

The goal of meditation is to unblock these chakras, freeing you from stress and allowing your body to flourish – including conceiving a child. Does meditation increase fertility? The reason that many men and women turn to meditation to help fertility is because it reduces stress.

Expectful. Meditation for Fertility, Pregnancy and

Expectful is an amazing app to practice meditation in pregnancy and when trying to conceive, with hopes of alleviating some of the stress that comes along with being pregnant. Meditation is beneficial for anyone at any junction in their lives.

Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing and Ovulation

Another fertility bonus to meditation is the start of a new habit, which helps you to gain control over your thoughts; this is the first step in manifesting your pregnancy. How to meditate. Sit comfortably on a cushion or lie down, take some deep breaths, and clear your mind. When a thought enters your head, just label it as a thought and avoid

Positivity and Mindfulness For Getting Pregnant · Circle

The Positivity & Mindfulness for Getting Pregnant Program is a guided mindfulness meditation developed to engage your mind-body connection. This powerful inner force can work wonders for the way you feel and act. Mindfulness helps you increase self-awareness and decrease stress and worry. We recommend you listen to this program.

Meditation for Fertility (11:13 min.) – Tara Brach

Meditation for Fertility (11:13 min.) . We can enhance our fertility by becoming more relaxed, open and welcoming of this ever creative life. We begin by connecting with the purity and sincerity of our prayer. Then this meditation guides us to awaken our bodies, open our hearts, and become a healthy channel for this living universe

Pregnancy and Meditation – What to Expect

Meditation can help reduce the stress that often accompanies major life changes like pregnancy. It can also help with pregnancy symptoms, including fatigue, mood changes and sleep disturbances. Studies have found that meditation and other mindfulness-based exercises during pregnancy may reduce anxiety , depression and perceived stress, though

Meditation for Fertility & Adoption: My Personal

In this meditation for fertility and adoption, my goal is to guide you in connecting with your future baby and placing yourself in a state of readiness for the task of motherhood. CLICK HERE to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you enjoyed this meditation, please let me know in the comments below… your comments and requests drive the

Meditation – Bloom Reproductive

Research has shown that engaging in the practice of meditation can actually help with the conception process. Benefits of meditation include aiding in relaxation, reducing stress, boosting positivity, balancing hormones, increasing compassion and, ultimately, upping chances of conception.

8 Most Effective And Popular Pregnancy Meditation Techniques

Practicing meditation during early pregnancy can reduce anxiety and stress at the time of labor, and meditation during the second trimester can significantly reduce pains you experience in the third trimester. But in the third trimester, try not to stress yourself trying to meditate in a specific posture or for a specific duration.

Meditation | Whole Fertility

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique to develop single-minded focus to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.. Meditation may significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and enhance fertility, peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being.

Fertility Meditation – Longevity Acupuncture | Miami FL

Meditation and fertility are intertwined on four planes within Chinese medicine. Meditation affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature of a person. In TCM, Qigong is the traditional form of meditation with its focus on breath and posture. In treating infertility within a Chinese medicine framework, the primary goal is to calm

Free Guided Meditation For Fertility · Circle + Bloom™

Sometimes, it takes a little while. De-stress and prepare your body for pregnancy with this free guided meditation for fertility. In 10 minutes a day, increase awareness of your mind-body connection, balance hormones, and learn valuable relaxation techniques that will make you feel more positive about your future pregnancy.

10 Mom-to-Be Meditations for Pregnancy and Labor | Parents

These 10 meditation techniques will help keep you going. your chances of getting pregnant increase. Get to know each phase of your cycle to help you conceive (or avoid) a pregnancy.

How Can Meditation Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Amongst various natural ways to enhance fertility and improve the chances of conceiving a child, meditation has also been thought to be an important method. The reduction of stress and streamlining of hormone levels can indirectly make it better to conceive a child, thus restoring fertility. Read more if medication can improve the chances of getting pregnant.

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How Meditation Improves Fertility | Silver Leaf Fertility

So, fertility is compromised due to Anovulation. Meditation Reduces Insulin Resistance. Insulin resistance contributes to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which may be responsible for up to 35% of female infertility cases. Insulin resistance is one of the biggest impediments to getting pregnant .Meditation was shown to reduce insulin resistance.

Positive Daily Fertility Meditation

The intention of this meditation is to help you transform and embody your thoughts about your fertility into positive, healing, and loving ones. Your fertility journey should include a daily mind and body practice to help keep stress at bay. Mind and body work help you to be at peace with where you are at on your fertility journey. You may want

Mindful Meditation & Fertility – PRC | IVF Fertility

Mindful Meditation & Fertility The experience of trying to conceive and the infertility journey can be emotional. Some emotions are positive as you look forward to adding to your family, yet feelings of stress and anxiety may surface as you wonder when it might happen for you, whether you are trying the right treatments, or worry about finances.

Can mindfulness and meditation boost fertility

Practising mindfulness and meditation can help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. If you’re more relaxed and less anxious, it could make getting pregnant more likely. Mindfulness and meditation are two techniques that affect your mood and how you feel about yourself, and help to improve your mental wellbeing.

5 fertility meditations | Creation Fertility | Fertility

5 fertility meditations My fertility inspiration group this moon cycle have been considering becoming chemical free to support their fertility. We have also been focusing on the benefits of the plant echinacea for fertility. You can read about it’s fantastic fertility benefits on my sister site E is for echinacea. Join my monthly fertility inspiration group here.

Guided Meditations To Help with Fertility

These fertility meditation exercises are carefully and sensitively designed to help people let go of trying to control the process with excessive internal pressure to get pregnant, and instead hold the image that there is a baby meant for them in their future.

Meditation for Fertility Optimization: 101 | Yinstill

From the perspective of meditation, every state is a special state, every moment is a special moment. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn. For anyone facing challenges trying to conceive it doesn’t take long to understand the basic biology behind the mechanism of how stress can negatively impact fertility.

Fertility Yoga: Poses for Trying to Conceive

They determined that the breathing, meditation, and poses (asanas) may ease stress, depression, and anxiety and reduce pain levels — all things that seem to make achieving pregnancy more likely

Fertility Meditation – Inovi Fertility & Genetics

Some studies even suggest that stress may negatively affect fertility, while meditation may improve pregnancy outcomes. Positive effects of relaxation programs such as meditation, mindfulness classes, and behavioral coping & skill training have been shown to reduce stress and lower anxiety.

Meditation for Fertility – Types & How to Meditate

Meditation is good for fertility because it helps to relax the body and clear the mind, ushering in a positive frame of mind that boosts self confidence. Coupled with dietary changes and a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and excludes habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol and caffeine, it can be a potent aid in your

Fertility Meditation — The Bump

Fertility Meditation. bundleoluv11 member. February 2020 in Infertility. I am a very spiritual person and I have been doing meditation since I started back ttc which helps out a lot with the stress and anxiety of trying to get pregnant. What things do you use to keep you mellow out during this process ?

Fertility Yoga and Meditation

Fertility yoga and meditation are practices that can help prepare the body and mind for pregnancy. Over recent years fertility yoga and meditation have become more popular and are often practiced as a single discipline. Fertility meditation is a new branch of meditation helping people to focus on alleviating the stress of trying to conceive.

Guided Fertility Meditation – Ayurveda y Mujer

Meditation can reduce stress. It helps you create “that space”. The sacred space which will be filled by your creativity power. The space you need to create calm in your life. This is your fertility ritual to inspire creativity in you, to help you boost fertility. I invite you to listen to this meditation.

Guided Meditations | Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Center

Guided meditation is an excellent way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine regardless of where you are in your fertility journey. Mindfulness based practices have been shown to have a particularly positive impact in patients undergoing fertility treatment including: improved coping ability, increased self-compassion, decreased

Meditation: The Mind & Body Benefits – CNY Fertility

Meditation is an eastern ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. At CNY Fertility Center we embrace the practice and encourage it to all clients. It offers incredible benefits to our physical and emotional well-being. By simply taking 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to

Meditation for Fertility – Dealing with Anxiety & Uncertainty

Meditation for Fertility – Dealing with Anxiety and Uncertainty on your Fertility Journey. This week we had the great pleasure of doing a #fertilityexpertslive with the wonderful Harriet Mac-Masters-Green, actor and writer. Harriet has suffered from panic attacks for years and gave us invaluable tips and tools to cope with stress – ‘your

Therapies for Fertility: Acupuncture, Yoga, and Meditation

Consequently, most alternative therapies, such as meditation, yoga, or acupuncture, focus on reducing accumulated stress to bring back hormonal balance, giving the body a thorough fertility cleanse, and increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Continue reading to discover the most popular alternative therapies for fertility to see how

Meditation – Bloom Reproductive

Benefits of meditation include aiding in relaxation, reducing stress, boosting positivity, balancing hormones, increasing compassion and, ultimately, upping chances of conception. Bloom has partnered with the app MindfulIVF to create a 7 day custom fertility meditation to prepare your mind and body for conception.

IVF and Meditation – How Guided Fertility Meditation Works

The mind and body connection with the use of meditation or visualizations can reduce the effect of stress on your body. Circle & Bloom has many guided fertility meditations that quiet the mind, focus, relax, and open the body for natural or assisted conception. This company was created by Joanne Verkuilen and joined by her sister Susan Cooke

Boost Your Fertility Meditation | Aluna Moon, Insight Timer

Welcome to our Female Fertility meditation. This high-quality meditation is designed to guide you into deep relaxation and use the incredible power of meditation to boost your fertility and prepare your body, mind, and soul for a healthy conception. Our intention is for every woman who listens to feel relaxed, held in safety, empowered as a woman and deeply connected to her inner Goddes self.

Fertility meditation – how they work & a free one for you

Fertility meditation is a practical thing you can actually add to your day to help manage stress and put you in a better mindset to conceive. Focus on a positive future. It can be easy to lose hope when your TTC journey is not going well. A fertility meditation that includes visualisation can help you to stay positive and hopeful regardless of

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– Lotus Fertility Yoga and Meditation | info

1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. 33% of Americans have turned to fertility treatments or know someone who has. Last year, 1.7% of all babies in the U.S. were born thanks to Assisted Reproductive Technology. Studies show women who practice yoga and meditation during fertility treatments are 3 times more likely to get pregnant.

How to adapt your Meditation for Fertility – Kin Unplugged

Meditation for fertility involves adapting your usual meditation focus. For example, your background music or your mantra may be fertility focused. Rather than allowing your mind to wander, you may choose to centre your thoughts entirely on positive fertility thoughts. Including journaling in your meditation sessions is a great way to centre

How Kundalini Yoga can help you conceive – Fertility Yoga

The benefits of Kundalini yoga and meditation go well beyond relaxation. They work in tandem to reduce stress, improve the flow of energy to the reproductive organs, and stimulate the glands crucial for conceiving and supporting a healthy pregnancy. I’m convinced Kundalini is the shortest path to restoring fertility.

The Surprising Link Between Spirituality & Fertility

Practicing meditation helps us become more aware of the anxious, stressful thoughts in the body and mind, which is the first step in becoming more compassionate with ourselves. Self-compassion is crucial when struggling with fertility. Meditation trains us to not get attached to these thoughts or ignore them altogether but rather to allow them to just be.

Best Meditation Apps for New and Expectant Moms

Best Free Meditation App for Moms: Insight Timer. While we love free things, not all complimentary items (or apps) are worth your precious time. Insight Timer totally is. It isn’t a mom-specific app, but it’s one of the best free meditation apps available, stuffed with about 12,000 guided meditations—and music tracks too.

How Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Can Help Boost Fertility

How Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Can Help Boost Fertility . By Lisa Pineda. After trying to get pregnant for over a year, my husband and I were given the kind of devastating news no couple who is

Fertility Affirmations and Mantras – To Make a Mommy

Fertility affirmations are a powerful way to invite your baby into your life while trying to conceive! This is my list of 85 affirmations or mantras that I developed while struggling with infertility and trying to stay positive. They were part of a mind-body practice that helped me get pregnant twice!

Can A Meditation Practice Increase Your Fertility?

Meditation and Fertility. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much research specifically looking at how stress can affect fertility or how medication may affect a couple’s ability to conceive. However, studies have found that meditation and mindfulness have had a positive impact on couples dealing with the very stressful experience of

Stress and Fertility | How They Are Related and What You

Meditation and Mindfulness. Meditation is an eastern ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years and provides innumerable benefits for both mind and body. At CNY Fertility, we embrace the practice and encourage it to all clients.

19 Ways to Boost Your Fertility – HealthyWomen

Try relaxation techniques like meditation, acupuncture or yoga. Exercise within reason. It’s fine to get in some moderate activity. But engaging in strenuous, vigorous and extreme exercise might impact your menstrual cycle, leading to infertility. So, pass on the marathon when you’re trying to get pregnant.

meditation — Meditation For Fertility — LadyPotions

Natural Fertility Shop & Solutions Forget the fertility drugs and see how herbs for fertility and meditation to decrease stress can improve your chances of conceiving. Learn about acupressure and acupuncture for infertility, fertility vitamins and supplements like DHEA, ubiquinol, inositol

Welcome to Destination Fertility – Destination Fertility

Traveling for fertility care is a great way to experience new cultures while saving money on assisted reproductive technology. Our articles give advice on infertility treatments, holistic fertility care, and traveling for IVF and egg freezing.

Effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on fertility

Standardized measures of mindfulness, self-compassion, emotion regulation difficulties, infertility-related coping strategies and fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) were endorsed pre- and post-MBI, and measure of pregnancy rates at the sixth months after the intervention. Both groups were shown to be equivalent at baseline.

meditation | Mystical Motherhood

Meditation for Fertility and Receiving a Baby. Written by Pritam Atma on February 1, 2018. Posted in Fertility, Pre-conception. Gurprasaad Meditation in a Kundalini Yoga meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is a meditation for prayer, prosperity, and receiving. You can use this for consciously connecting to your baby before pregnancy and birth.

Home – Fertility Focused Yoga

Fertility Meditations. Trying to concieve is STRESSFUL! Use these 8 meditations to reduce your stress level and boost your ability to conceive. Reduce Stress now! Balancing Hormones eBook. If you are ready to balance your hormones through yoga, this ebook will show you the reccomended poses and explain exactly how to do them.

Stress about getting pregnant is real. Here's how to

Similar to meditation, yoga and pilates can help relieve tension. They may also reduce the production of stress hormones affecting your chances of getting pregnant. If you’re looking for low-impact, high-result workouts for your prenatal routine, you might want to start here. Have Sex for Fun

‎Evoke Fertility Meditations on the App Store

‎Welcome to Evoke Fertility Meditations, an app focused on improving your fertility and increasing your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy. Meditation has been shown to help increase fertility for both women and men, among numerous other beneficial effects. Evoke Fertility Meditation is guide…

Fertility Foundations: Mind + Body Practices To Boost Your

Fertility Foundations program Highlights: 8 weeks of live sessions with trainings, Q+A, meditation and fertility yoga. A private community where you can ask questions and receive support. Connection with like-minded people who are trying to conceive. Access to a fertility doctor for Q+A. Jennifer’s Fertility Reset 5-Day Program.

Yoga For Fertility: 5 Practices & 5 Poses To Boost

Here’s a short guided meditation to get you started. Yoga Nidra . Also known as ‘yogic sleep meditation,’ Yoga Nidra helps quiet the mind and relax the body so your brain can reach higher states of consciousness. This form of meditation is perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety or sleep problems. Your Chakras & Fertility Yoga & Meditation for Fertility DVD : Movies & TV

I have several fertility DVD’s Restoring your fertility, pulling down the moon and Bend breath and conceive. I really love this sequence because you can complete a full practice of 90 minutes or just do the meditation or stretching sessions alone. I love her voice and music. I feel during the stretch the movement of blood towards my pelvis.

Getting Pregnant | Have a Baby | Marisa Peer Hypnotherapy

Getting Pregnant- You can! Marisa has achieved outstanding success helping women getting pregnant, have successful pregnancies and peaceful, pain-free delivery.. So many women in the West are struggling with getting