Is 3M tint better?

Is 3M tint better?

Here is why 3M window tint is regarded as the best in the market: Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays entering your vehicle. Will provide complete protection for your car’s interior. Rejects 60% of solar power coming through your window, ensuring that you have a cooler car.2019-06-24

What type of tint is the best?

If you’re looking for the top of the line in UV and heat protection, carbon or infrared rejection films are your best choice. These films block the infrared rays responsible for the greenhouse effect inside your car significantly more than other films on the market. Like ceramic films, they contain no metal.2019-12-31

Does window film actually help?

Their study found that window films installed on single-pane glass showed paybacks in as little as 1.4 years and provided an annual energy savings of 19 kWh/sq ft of glass. As you can see, exterior window films really do offer a good amount of insulation and improved energy efficiency.

Which tint is better 3M or LLumar?

The brands provide similar protection against heat. All Llumar tints block 99% of UV, while some 3M films provide less than this. The 3M film is slightly better in reducing glare.2020-08-11

How long does UV protection on windows last?

Protection from Ultra Violet (UV) rays from tinted windows will last as long as the window’s tinted film remains in good condition. Top quality products are suppose to last from ten years to a lifetime maintaining their efficacy for UV protection. Tinted windows are both protective and energy efficient.2015-09-21

Is UV window film worth it?

UV films help block ultraviolet rays and helps keep homes cool while still letting in much needed sunlight to your home. Majority of homeowners prefer this type of window tint due to its cost-efficient price and lightweightness. This product can filter out up to 99% UV blocking and can reduce glare.2020-02-04

Do window films help with heat?

Eliminate excessive heat. While curtains and blinds are great for privacy and help to block some heat, they do so at the cost of natural light. 3M™ Window Films can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat coming through your windows, to help make your home bright and comfortable, all day long.

How long does UV film last on windows?

Under the right conditions, window film can last for 20 years or more. This longevity depends upon a number of factors. These include the condition of the window on which the film has been placed, the quality of the materials used, the directional position that the windows are facing, and the local climate.

Is 3M ceramic window tint good?

If you’re shopping for a high-performance window film that offers great looks, amazing protection and impressive heat-rejection properties, 3M Ceramic IR automotive tint is a great choice.2020-11-14

Do New windows have UV protection?

Virtually all new windows that are available in the market today are of the double-pane type. This means there are two panes of glass that make up the window. This provides an added layer of protection from the UV rays of the sun as there are two panes of glass for the rays to get through instead of one.

Which color of tint is best?

Gray-tinted sunglasses are a good choice for driving. This color reduces brightness and glare.2022-02-08

Does tint get darker as sets?

The tint on your window does appear to get darker over the first few days or weeks after installation, but the key word here is “appear”. In actual fact, the tint remains the same shade.

Does UV film stop fading?

They also block and filter up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the single largest cause of fading. While no window film can stop fading completely, 3M Window Films dramatically slow down the process of fading, protecting your investment and keeping your building’s interior looking beautiful.

Is llumar a good tint brand?

Pros or why you should consider Llumar tint for your car: The brand provides a diverse range of high-quality films. All Llumar tints block 99% of UV rays and reduce the fading of the car’s interior surfaces. The tint rejects up to 63% of solar heat and 90% of glare.2020-08-11

What is the most popular tint?

The Most Common Window Tinting Percentages Some of the most common window tint percentages are 50 percent, 35 percent, 20 percent, and five percent.2021-01-10

What tint do most cars have?

Although the exact amount varies, most automakers apply very little tint on car windows. Generally, the factory window tint percentage ranges between 15% and 20 % on most cars. This means that the windows (usually the rare window) lets in just about the 15-20 % of visible light and deflect 85-85%.

Which tint percent is best?

If privacy is your purpose for tinting, a 20% tint is an excellent choice. You can see through windows with a 20% tint if you’re up close, but it’s still difficult. Typically, it’s enough to deter snoopers, though. When vehicles come with a factory tint, it’s usually between 15% and 20%.2020-10-05

Is llumar tint the best?

Llumar Window Tint acts like a barrier, blocking out 99% of the sun’s UV rays that contribute to the deterioration of a car’s interior. It also reduces heat and glare coming through the window, thus stress and irritation while driving. Higher tech means higher quality!2018-02-01

3M CS vs Suntek CXP – TintDude Window Tinting Forum

The 3M CS35 is lighter (39% VLT) and isn’t going to block as much heat (40% TSER). Author Posted Both films are going to block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays. The CXP35 is a little darker (33% VLT) and is going to reject more heat (53% TSER). The 3M CS35 is lighter (39% VLT) and isn’t going to block as much heat (40% TSER).

3M Crystalline vs PINNACLE vs Suntek CIR vs LLumar CTX vs

So far in SoCal, there are a few group buy offering around $600 for 3M Crystalline, $580 for Suntek CIR (Ceramic) Tint, not sure how much for Formula One Pinnacle or Stratos (Ceramic) Tint, $860 for LLumar CTX from Signature Tinting. (all based on full tint without front windshield due to potential damage to the electronics)

3M Ceramic IR 30 vs Suntek Ceramic IR 20 head to head

This video compares the performance of two window films to see how well they do against each other

Suntek CXP vs 3M FX Premium vs 3M Colorstable – General

The three that I am most interested in as the title suggests, are the 3m FX premium, 3m Colorshade, and Suntek CXP. On average, I’ve been quoted $200 for the premium, $260 for the colorstable and for the CXP I got one quote at $225. All of these include the removal fee for my existing tints. So that said, which is the best value here.

Tint – 3M or Suntek? | E46 Fanatics Forum

I’ve had both, first 3M then Suntek then back to 3Mboth tint brands were great! Only reason I made the switch was because the tint shop that put on the Suntek did a horrible job with the dot matrix so got my refund and went back to the original shop. How can you tell if the tint job was bad on the dot matrix? Save Reply 1 – 8 of 8 Posts

Window Tint Review – 3M / Suntek Ceramic Film (Porsche 911

To get my cars ready for the Arizona sun, I’ve decided to put Suntek CXP 35% tint on my Porsche 911 (997) and Cayenne Turbo. Here my thoughts on different ce

Clear Bra Film Comparison (3M vs. Xpel vs. Stek vs. Suntek

From my experience, the Suntek/Stek films have a significantly better appearance (less texture, more clear) than the 3M product. They are also more appropriate for using on cars with complex curves which becomes important if you are doing a full vehicle PPF job.

Best Window Tints (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 – The Drive

One top product is the Suntek Window Films Carbon 18 Black 40 Inches by 100 Feet One popular auto window tint is the 3M 1080 G12 GLOSS BLACK 5 The tint is a window film with 20 percent VLT

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Which Window Film/Tint Brand is the best? – Made In The

they are the fastest growing window film manufacture in the u.s. and probably the world, so they must be doing something right (compare this to 3m which is the smallest by sales volume in the u.s.) also suntek has been recently purchased (2014) by eastman chemical co. which holds the southwall (vkool and huper optic), llumar and vista films as …

How to Choose the best Paint Protection Film(PPF) | Xpel

Xpel Vs Kavaca Vs 3M Vs Suntek vs GSWF. Paint protection film (PPF) reviews: We will try to provide an inside review of the similarities and key differences between the leadings films on the market: Xpel Ultimate, 3M Scotchguard Pro series, SunTek (also known as Llumar), Ceramic Pro Kavaca, and GSWF Protection.

3M vs Suntek – Drive Accord Honda Forums

Discussion Starter · #1 · Getting my car tinted Friday and have the option between Suntek “Hybrid” film and 3M carbon based color stable film. It’s $150 more for the 3M. The shop says the 3M won’t cause any interference and tends to have a blacker tint to it but they’ve never had anyone not satisfied with the Suntek.


Solar Gard’s basic non-reflective window tint films come with 5-7 year warranties, whereas all of 3M’s products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 3M VS. SUNTEK SunTek is often considered to be 3M’s most direct competitor in terms of window film capabilities, performance, and technology.

Window Tint – 3M vs Suntek Carbon – Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S

Suntek carbon isn’t the top of line film from suntek (I believe cxp is), so make sure you’re comparing the same “level” of film from 3M vs suntek. Also make sure the film is either ceramic or carbon. All that being said, I got my car tinted at place that 3 tint brands, Suntek, 3M, and Llumnar.

Best Window Tint Films 2022

Best Ceramic Window Tint Film. MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film: We already talked about the advanced technology you can get with a MotoShield Pro tint film, and the MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film is a perfect example of that.The nano-coating that MotoShield Pro uses in its tint films is great because it gives you more protection from harmful UV rays, heat rejection, and a smooth

Tint – SunTek CXP or 3M Color Stable – Subaru Outback

Tint – SunTek CXP or 3M Color Stable? Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Voting is open for April’s Outback of the Month Challenge! 1 – 8 of 8 Posts. J. jayexen · Registered. 2016 2.5i Base (Ice Silver) Joined · 15 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1

SunTek Tint??? (3M Color Stable, all I Have Known) | Dodge

Anybody have any experience with Suntek “Carbon” or “CXP Carbon” tints. I have always been very satified with 3M color stable but believe the most talented place in my area I would like to use, uses SunTek (no 3M CS). Know this will rank right up there with “which engine oil is best” type of a question.

DUB Window Film vs 3M Crystralline vs Llumar Tint vs Suntek

DUB Window Film vs 3M Crystralline vs Llumar Tint vs Suntek It’s clear where the company producing the relatively new DUB Window Film wants to go with its film: at the luxury market. Using the term IR – for infra-red – as well as “luxury” often to describe the film is a hint.

Ceramic Tint Suntek CIR vs XPEL XR : teslamotors

Llumar Stratos 3M Crystalline If you go to the manufacturer site you can see the tables comparing the different tints they offer. It’s very interesting comparing their base tint with the higher end one to see the differences in glare reduction and heat rejection for the same % tint value. Anyways, just my ramblings about tint.

Suntek VS 3M Paint Protection Film Calgary | PPF

The 3M Company has one of the world’s biggest and most advanced research and development programs in the world. The true creator and innovator of vehicle protection films. INVISIBLE PROTECTION Suntek PPF keeps your vehicle free of damage without interfering with its style. You can’t see it, but you know it’s working. MATTE FINISH

What to Know About Window Tint: Top 3 Brands

3M is a good choice for those who need a wide selection of products, ranging from light shades to dark shades, and including specific features. 3M films can also increase the amount of time it takes for criminals to break into vehicles and can reduce up to 95 percent of the visible light into vehicles. CXP (CarbonXP)™ (SunTek)®

Window tint. 3M Crystaline vs Huper Optik Ceramic vs

The 3M 50% heat reduction film was much cooler than Suntek’s 50% heat reduction film. That said, even after spending $600 on 3M Crystalline for my Cayman, based on preliminary data I’d prefer Huper Optik Ceramic over 3M Crystalline. Please note I am basing this on the limited information I had at the time of this post. New information may surface.

3M Crystalline vs PINNACLE vs Suntek CIR vs LLumar CTX vs

I wish someone would do a comprehensive comparison of tint performance. tpham07 said: Even the lightest tint at 75% blocks more heat then a lot of regular non-ceramic 5% tints. Generally, speaking, most 20% tints (including non-ceramic) are going to do fairly well at heat rejection. The differences are more apparent at 40%, 50%, and 70%. Reply B

Best Paint Protection Film for Cars? XPEL vs 3M vs LLumar

However, one genuine and significant distinction between this film and both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Scotchgard is that the top clear coat has hydrophobic properties, which means it repels water like a good wax or coating.

Suntek Paint Protection Film Vs 3m – Alan Fraser Houston

3M PRO SERIES VS Suntek Paint Protection Film Installation 3M PRO SERIES paint protection creates a self-healing surface, which means that it naturally eliminates surface scuffs and other minor damage that your vehicle may sustain while out on the road. We review and compare the top automotive Paint Protection Films: XPEL, 3M, LLumar, and SunTek.

Paint Protection Film – SunTek Films

SunTek paint protection films are scientifically formulated to help defeat everyday wear and tear on automotive paint for years. Core pattern-cutting software is the power behind SunTek Paint Protection Film’s precision fit. It’s offered to our dealer network and matches each vehicle’s unique shape based on year, make, and model. LEARN MORE

Dive into anything – reddit

8. level 1. · 6 yr. ago. yes. you need to look at the tint specs. the money is in the heat rejection and visible light values. cheaper tints will have low heat rejection with higher visible light transmission (example, darker tint, but still lets in lots of heat). the good tints will have high heat rejection with higher visible light

Window Tint Film Comparison – Scorpion Window Film

Scorpion Window Film provides quality tinting for your home or auto. Use this comparison to find a window tint film that fits your specific needs and budget.

global window film vs 3m -Sunray Tint – Dallas/Fort Worth

When searching for global window film vs 3m customers have come to experts at Sunray Tint for all of their Auto Tint, Residential Window Tint and Commercial Window Film needs. Proudly serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX window film needs since 1983. Sunray Tint is run by our “hands on” owners, Butch and Sue McCollum, who have owned and

Window tinting – 3M vs. sunguard/suntek vs. ceramic

Window tinting – 3M vs. sunguard/suntek vs. ceramic tinting. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 3 of 3 Posts. J. jbautista83 · Registered. Joined Aug 5, 2012 · 9 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · . Only show this user

Suntek Film Vs 3M – The Lounge – Nissan GT-R Heritage

Suntek Film Vs 3M – posted in The Lounge: Ok Gang, The tint installer that i used for my S2000 uses Suntek Film and I dont know all that much about it, except that initial reviews seem pretty good. How does it compare to 3M?? The Suntek says its a carbon nano-weave so its supposed to be good at heat deflection and does not impact cell service etc.

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Should I get 3m Crystalline or Suntek CXP?

I’m planning on using CXP 80 for my windshield mainly because it’s the lightest tint I could find, the price is good, and the CXP is their top of the line product. I have no problem using the CXP 45 or 55 for the other windows. With tints in that lighter category the 3M crystalline loses some of its advantage of being a “see-through dark tint”.

SunTek tint Any good? | BimmerFest BMW Forum

Doesn’t bother me though. The 3M has a more slate black look from the inside out. The SunTek has a bit more of a charcoal hue to it than the 3M, which you can only tell under certain lighting (direct bright day light) All tint mentioned above is 50%. 2011 328 xi coupe.

Who Makes the Best Car Window Tint? – Auto SuperShield

3M is one of the oldest tint manufacturers in the United States. In fact, it was 3M that first patented the technology in 1966 that would later become window tint film. 3M’s automotive window films are durable, maintenance free, and designed to last, and films that are sold and installed by 3M authorized dealer installers are backed by one of

What is the Best Paint Protection Film – Aegis Paint

SunTek offers different types of warranties for different types of finishes. 10 years manufacturing warranty for the Ultra line, and 5 years manufacturing warranty for the Matte and Clear lines. 3M. You have probably heard of 3M Vinyl Wraps. However, the company also established great reputation in Paint Protection Film World as well. Options

The Best Window Tinting Films in 2022 | Top Reviews by

Though owned by LLumar, FormulaOne is known separately for making extremely high-quality window tints. The Formula 1 Classic series is a metal-free dyed film window tint, and comes in a variety of

Huper Optik vs. 3M Window Tint – Which tint is best

Talking about 3M in the Huper Optik vs. 3M Discussion. The window tint brand 3M is one of the top window tint brands on the market. The Crystalline Tint is among their top products, and the multi-layered optical film technology features 200 layers compressed and thinner than Post-It notes.

Ceramic vs. Regular Tint – BIMMERPOST

Suntek Carbon or CXP 3M color stable Two examples of good tint for your situation. Don’t get random crap most tint shops push. It’s dyed and provides little heat rejection. Also avoid metal films. More important, find a shop that computer cuts their film. No razor blades on your glass.

Which window tinting to choose in Malaysia? V-KOOL, 3M

There are a lot of window films in Malaysia. Brands like V-KOOL, 3M, Hüper Optik, LLumar, ECOTINT, Solar Gard, Air Cool, Armorcoat…However, which car tinting to choose is the question that I am facing right now. I did some researches online.

3M Black vs SunTek CXP – Car servicing

I got SunTek CXP 35 on my car and was considering 3m Colourstable. Used a good independent tinter and have had 0 regrets. The SunTek has much better performance and is bit darker than the 3m, haven’t had any issues with the green tint.

Paint Protection Films (3M-Xpel-Suntek) or Ceramic | Jeep

Suntek: They are the leading window tint supplier, their film is similar to 3M, maybe even a fraction clearer, however it falls in 3rd place for shops that install it (very few, even most of the Tint shops that install these films who use Suntek for window tint most do not use it for paint protection film).

3M™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series | 3M United

The 3M™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series incorporates a unique process for producing nano-carbon polyester. This revolutionary process allows for maximum heat rejection without a metal film layer, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals. It also gives the film a stylish look with outstanding color stability, so it never turns purple.

Suntek vs xpel question | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT

Ok, So I have 2 installers near me. One does Xpel and one does Suntek. The Xpel certified installer has quoted me 675.00 for tint and 3-4k for PPF (everything but trunk, spoiler, and rear bumper) and 600.00 for Ceramic coat. He also states he wraps edges and makes it as seamless as possible

Best Window Tint For Cars – Tint City Inc.

SunTek window tint comes darker than Llumar, which is a big plus for a lot of consumers, however, like 3M, they are still within the law. Certain types of window tin, especially those made of metal, have been known to interfere with electronics, but SunTek uses an innovative carbon technology that won’t block the signal from all your electronics.

Window Tint: Johnson's vs 3M – Hyundai Genesis Forum

Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 6, 2012 (Edited) Only show this user. I’m going to be getting my windows tinted here really soon, and I got a quote from 2 shops. The first shop quoted me at $190 lifetime warranty using 3M film. The second shop quoted me at $120 lifetime warranty using Johnson’s film.

Suntek Reaction PPF Question | FerrariChat

Viperjoe, . Reaction is a fairly new product from Suntek. It incorporates a surface coating that is supposed to perform like ceramic. Those of you that have used this product, please comment on your satisfaction. Any issues with yellowing, clarity or adhesion. Thanks.

Suntek Carbon nano-hybrid tint – 18% vs 35% – Audizine

Suntek Carbon nano-hybrid tint – 18% vs 35% Guest-only advertisement. Kind of a hassle, but far better than giving up my 3M CR40 for Cuomo’s hypocritical ass. I lend them out as well, with printed instructions for the swap. Simply pay a $250 deposit plus any shipping; once I receive my window’s back, the deposit is returned.

xpel vs 3m -Sunray Tint – Dallas/Fort Worth Auto Tint

xpel vs 3m. When searching for xpel vs 3m customers have come to experts at Sunray Tint for all of their Auto Tint, Residential Window Tint and Commercial Window Film needs. Proudly serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX window film needs since 1983. Sunray Tint is run by our “hands on” owners, Butch and Sue McCollum, who have owned and operated

My experience with LLumar vs Xpel protetion film

If the customer does not make a request, do not express a preference, he is doing SunTek Ultimate on vehicles. 3M is also an excellent product IMO. I hit a wooden chair in the driving wind and rain at 68 MPH on the 2014 National Corvette Caravanl and thought by the sound that our front fascia was smashed in, but as shown in the following

3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series | 3M United States

Ride in style without sacrificing comfort. 3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series uses patented technology for better structural performance against the sun versus many dyed films, all while rejecting up to 99% of UV light.

Security Shatter Solar Safety Film, Comparisons to 3M

Dual reflective security films in a 28, 38 VLT (Vista, SunTek) Nano-ceramic Security films in a 40, 50, 70% VLT (Huper Optik, SunTek) Clear available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 16 + thickness and a host of 4, 8, 7, exterior clear films. (LLumar, Armorcoat, Madico, Johnson, Hanita, SunTek) Comparisons to 3M Window Film ” Jo at 9

What Are the Differences Between the 3M and Llumar Window

Twitter. The main empirical differences between 3M and Llumar window tints are the materials each company uses. 3M features crystalline, ceramic, nano-carbon and metallic dyed film, whereas Llumar offers a polyester laminate and a ceramic tint. Llumar’s window tint is a sheet of polyester laminate or ceramic that vehicle owners customize to

Window Tinting Brand – Automotive

Suntek is also very black especially compared with 3m carbon range, the suntek also performs a lot better. I wouldn’t recommend getting anything off less quality than the suntek. If your cars parked outside heaps maybe look at getting higher quality tint to help reduce the heat impact.

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The Best Paint Protection Products | 3M VentureShield or

SunTek paint protection is the last of the 3 companies we recommend. The warranty is 5 years long, as is 3M and it also protects against, light scuffs, debris, bugs and salt. Xpel and SunTek are the only two to offer matte finish paint protection kits, and although it isn’t as tough, it looks cool and does protect against most light debris.

Getting windows tinted – llumar vs solargard? | PriusChat

Llumar is good brand , i been used Suntek CXP is good and I used 3M color stable is good also the price for those film is $300-500 . If you get install in fancy store is $500 . i got install $300 for 3M color stable in Bay Area , San Mateo ,CA the place is very recomended the store name Best Image .

3M vs. Llumar paint protection film – PriusChat

Ok i have the 3M Invinca-shield still sitting in a corner. Then i find out about Llumar protective film over at the tinting place that installed my tint. They showed me both 3M and Llumar, the Llumar is clearer, much clearer when the paper is peeled back from adhesive. Also, it’s thicker.

Paint Protection Films (3M-Xpel-Suntek) or Ceramic | Page

You will pay for that however. You want “Joe’s Tint Shop” to do your PPF go right ahead. You will get the job you paid for. Might even have some razor marks in the paint when you go to remove it. For me the three PPF’s you mention will be nominally different and it is like BFGoodrich vs Toyo vs Cooper tires. Too each your own.

LLUMAR vs XPEL | SRT Hellcat Forum

Challenger SRT Hellcat. Joined . ·. 3,209 Posts. #7 · . Only show this user. No expereince with LLUMAR but extensive experience with SunTek. Personally, I liked it better than XPEL. ***SOLD***2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat – Pitch Black, M6 – 1 of 66 built.

Vs Suntek Llumar [S1DE3B]

Search: Llumar Vs Suntek

ClearBra vs XPEL vs 3M vs Clearshield –

Being a small company that is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, XPEL is the opposite of a monolithic materials corporation like 3M. XPEL has been laser-focused on the paint protection market, innovating new films with self-healing properties. XPEL doesn’t manufacture any of the standard solar-protection window films.

Suntek Infinity OP Window Film –

Complete window tint specifications and color samples for SunTek Infinity OP. This line of window film is made by SunTek for car or automotive window tint installation. It comes in 6 shades of VLT darknesses. Infinity OP is SunTek’s top of the line film. It is a neutral color that enhances the look of any car.

Cost to Tint Windows, Paint Protection Film – Hot Spot Tinting

See our car window tinting prices for 3M, LLumar, Suntek tint films. Our cost to tint car windows starts at only $199 plus tax. 770-988-8831 OPEN: M-F 9-5 Sat 10-5

Tinting: FormulaOne Pinnacle vs. SunTek CXP – The Nissan Club

Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 9, 2014. I’m looking to tint my 2014 Altima 3.5SL and I’ve called around a few shops in my area (Sacramento). I found a shop that will do FormulaOne Pinnacle and another that will do SunTek CXP. Both are charging the same amount so, all things equal, which tint is better?

Window Tinting Dublin, CA | Suntek & 3M Vehicle Window

We have multiple options and you can also different tint levels on your window tint. We offer Suntek Carbon, 3M Ceramic & 3M Crystalline as our window tinting options.. Carbon is the base level, while Ceramic does a better job at stopping heat and 3M Crystalline is the ultimate in heat blocking and UV protection.

PDF Invented and Cover your nano-ceramic innovated. glass in

3M™ Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series • TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection The percentage of total solar energy rejected by filmed glass. The higher this value, the less solar heat is transmitted. • VLT – Visible Light Transmitted The percentage of visible light that passes directly

XPEL Ultimate vs 3M Pro – McLaren Life

Suntek seems to come in in second place and 3M, and a few others, in 3d. I don’t want my post to read like a sales pitch, but when it comes to longevity of the material, clarity of the wrap over time, and the self-healing, the only downside to Xpel is the cost

3M CS or Global QDP Tint? – Ford F150 Forum – Community of

Has anyone used either 3m color stable or global qdp to tint their truck? Does it match the factory tint? I’m interested in how well the darkness and color hue matches the rear factory tint. Would be using 20% to match the rear. I have suntek hp 20% now and its close but has a little blue/green color hue to it vs the factory tint.

Car Window Tinting Sydney – Oztint Window Tinting Sydney

Our range of premium quality window tinting films such as Rayno, Suntek and Global all come with manufacurers Lifetime Warranties. Our Window Tint Films reject 99% UVB and UVA, the darker the film the higher the heat reduction. So you can be rest assured you will get superior UV Protection and Heat Reduction if you install any of these films.

Window Tinting Comparisons Huper Optik Vs. 3M Prestige

Their Vista, Llumar, Gila, Huper Optik, V-Kool and SunTek brands are the leaders in their category. You might assume that 3M makes the best window film but that is an incorrect assumption. “Best” of course, is a nebulous term. Many of the films that the 3M dealer presented are not made by 3M. “Their” ceramic series (for example) is a

Window Tint — Carbon vs. Ceramic? | Dodge Challenger Forum

Joined . ·. 6,859 Posts. #7 · . Only show this user. DaddyDodge18 said: Which tint do you all have. Ceramic is about $100 more by me. Just trying to see if its worth it or save the $100 for something else and get the carbon.

Tint: Dyed vs. Ceramic | 5th Gen Subaru Impreza Forum

Wincos by Madico and Crystalline by 3M are hands down the absolute best with heat rejection. but keep in mind, they are EXPENSIVE! so if you get a quote with those films and it is $400 or better, the film cost is probably close to half that. in our shop we use SunTek films exclusively and we use the CXP and CIR line of films. the CXP is a nano

PDF Autootive Indo Fil Specifictions

AUTOMO TIONS. * Based on data obtained during product development and subject to change.**IRER is a more complete measurement of heat experienced from solar infrared radiation (780-2500nm) including absorbed and re-radiated energy.

SunTek CXP 35 – Window Film Supplies

SunTek CXP Black 35 CarbonXP, a next generation window film, gives dealers the opportunity to offer their customers enhanced performance for high-end applications. Other features and benefits include: The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort Signal enabling

Suntek vs X-Pel | Page 2 | Chevy Tahoe Forum | GMC Yukon

Suntek vs X-Pel. Thread starter WillieFlo; Start date ; I got the 3m and installed it myself on the Denali. Whether you go with 3m or any of the other brands it’s well worth it. I’ve got an appointment to have the local Tint World shop apply Suntek to the front bumper, lights, front fenders, partial hood, mirrors, door

SunTek CXP 70 – Window Film Supplies

SunTek CXP Black 70 CarbonXP, a next generation window film, gives dealers the opportunity to offer their customers enhanced performance for high-end applications. Other features and benefits include: The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort Signal enabling

PDF Architec