Is monopoly illegal in UK?

Is monopoly illegal in UK?

Monopolies and abuses of market power are regulated under civil law by the Chapter II prohibition in the Competition Act, the UK equivalent of Article 102 of the TFEU.2022-02-01

How do you make a monopoly legal?

Using intellectual property rights, buying up the competition, or hoarding a scarce resource, among others, are ways to monopolize the market. The easiest way to become a monopoly is by the government granting a company exclusive rights to provide goods or services.

Which country has anti trust laws?

Competition law is known as “antitrust law” in the United States. It is also known as “anti-monopoly law” in China and Russia, and in previous years was known as “trade practices law” in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Are monopolies legal in America today?

Legal monopolies do exist, but they are in decline. Energy companies still hold monopolies in America and Europe. The USPS is a form of a legal monopoly in America. The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act was created to break up unfair monopolies in the United States.

Are monopolies banned in the US?

True monopolies were outlawed in 1890 in the U.S. after Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act. This law was designed to protect consumers from large companies that sought to use their dominant market position to engage in anticompetitive business practices.2017-07-21

Are monopolies allowed in the UK?

Are monopolies illegal in the UK? Monopolies are not illegal in the UK. However, it is illegal to engage in prohibited acts and abuse of monopoly power.

Is predatory pricing illegal?

Predatory pricing is the illegal act of setting prices low to attempt to eliminate the competition. Predatory pricing violates antitrust laws, as it makes markets more vulnerable to a monopoly.

Can a monopoly ever be legal?

A legal monopoly offers a specific product or service at a regulated price. It can either be independently run and government regulated, or both government-run and government regulated. A legal monopoly is also known as a “statutory monopoly.”

Are monopolies legal now?

Monopolies are illegal within the United States, but there are circumstances where a natural monopoly can occur. In these circumstances, a market or market sector has barriers to entry that are so prohibitively high that only one firm, or a few firms (known as an oligopoly), have a presence there.

Will monopolies be legal?

Obtaining a monopoly by superior products, innovation, or business acumen is legal; however, the same result achieved by exclusionary or predatory acts may raise antitrust concerns.

Why is predatory pricing illegal UK?

Predatory pricing is illegal in the UK mainly based on one single reason. The increase in monopoly power within a market is bad for the consumer as it removes choice from the market. As well as a lack of choice, predatory pricing will always result in higher prices for the end consumer which creates economic harm.2021-01-20

Is predatory pricing illegal in UK?

Predatory Pricing and Regulation Predatory pricing in the UK is illegal. It is prohibited under EU Competition Law to sell goods at a loss with the purpose of forcing other firms out of business.

Is it legal to have a monopoly?

In United States antitrust law, monopolization is illegal monopoly behavior. The main categories of prohibited behavior include exclusive dealing, price discrimination, refusing to supply an essential facility, product tying and predatory pricing.

Does UK have antitrust laws?

In the UK anti-competitive behaviour is prohibited under Chapters I and II of the Competition Act 1998 (the Act) and may be prohibited under Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty. These laws prohibit anti-competitive agreements between businesses and the abuse of a dominant position in a market.

How does competition law work in the UK?

Competition law seeks to curb practices that undermine or restrict competition to the detriment of consumers. This includes the abuse of a dominant market position by a firm, anti-competitive agreements between firms, and mergers or takeovers which, if allowed, would result in a substantial lessening of competition.2021-05-25

Are government monopolies legal?

Key Takeaways Legal monopolies do exist, but they are in decline. Energy companies still hold monopolies in America and Europe. The USPS is a form of a legal monopoly in America. The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act was created to break up unfair monopolies in the United States.

What counts as a monopoly in the UK?

A pure monopoly is defined as a single seller of a product, i.e. 100% of market share. In the UK a firm is said to have monopoly power if it has more than 25% of the market share. For example, Tesco @30% market share or Google 90% of search engine traffic.2019-10-28

Is destroyer pricing illegal in the UK?

Destroyer pricing Usually only large businesses can use this strategy as they can withstand the losses for a longer period than small businesses can. Destroyer pricing is illegal in the UK.

Antitrust and competition | United Kingdom | Global law

Our antitrust litigation team has deep experience in antitrust and competition law, combined with robust and commercially-focused litigation skills. Our areas of work include Antitrust and competition litigation and disputes Cartel investigations Compliance and risk management Criminal investigations/anti-competitive conduct Distribution and agency

Antitrust Trends In The UK And EU – CCBJ

The UK recently established the Competition Appeals Tribunal, where parties can obtain damages after an antitrust infringement has been established by the OFT or European Commission. And, you obviously have recourse to the civil courts if you want to litigate a case from start to finish.

UK Antitrust Shakeup Would Increase Merger Scrutiny

Antitrust Investigations (a) Long-arm Investigative Jurisdiction, Lower Bar for Interim Measures and Immunity for Whistleblowers The proposals would widen the U.K.’s jurisdiction over foreign conduct that has a direct, substantial or foreseeable effect on competition in the U.K.

UK antitrust body will be able to fine Apple and Google 5%

The UK opened an antitrust investigation into Apple back in March 2021. The UK’s competition watchdog today announced plans to determine whether the App Store restricts competition. The government

Antitrust and Brexit – where do we stand? – Allen & Overy

12 January 2021 The end of the Brexit transition period at 11pm on 31 December 2020 gives rise to significant changes to the application of antitrust and merger control rules in the UK. Now that the UK is no longer an EU Member State, it gains new freedom to pursue its own enforcement and policy agenda.

Understanding Antitrust Laws | GoCardless

Antitrust laws are implemented as a way to control and limit the market power of any individual organisation. They’re a way to avoid monopolies from developing as well as breaking up organisations that have already monopolised their field, with the goal of protecting economic competition. Antitrust meaning

Coverage of Antitrust Law in the UK & Europe |

Antitrust Suit Over Beverage Sales at the Phila. Airport Fizzles Out at the 3rd Circuit By Max Mitchell | Specifically, the company argued that their ability to operate in PHL was

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EU/UK Antitrust and Competition International Law

our eu/u.k. competition group represents multinationals, conglomerates and global financial institutions across the full spectrum of eu/u.k. competition matters, including cross-border merger control and foreign direct investment (fdi) regulatory investigations, abuse of dominance and cartel investigations, eu sectoral inquiries, u.k. market …

United Kingdom: Brexit – The wholly parallel UK antitrust

Antitrust investigations From 1 January, the CMA (and the UK concurrent sectoral regulators) will only investigate suspected infringements of UK domestic competition law (i.e., the Chapter I and Chapter II prohibitions in the Competition Act 1998), and will not have the power to investigate infringements of EU competition law.

United Kingdom competition law – Wikipedia

United Kingdom competition law is affected by both British and European elements. The Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 are the most important statutes for cases with a purely national dimension. However, if the effect of a business’ conduct would reach across borders, the European Commission has competence to deal with the problems, and exclusively EU law would apply.

Brexit – Antitrust and Competition Law – Dechert

Dechert is a leading a transatlantic antitrust/competition practice with lawyers admitted to practice in all major European jurisdictions including England & Wales, France and Germany. Offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, New York, Paris, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. ensure that Dechert is well-positioned to serve wherever antitrust issues arise.

EU and UK launch antitrust investigation into Google and

It’s therefore opening a formal antitrust investigation. The UK’s Competition Market Authority said it was also investigating the deal, with CMA chief Andrea Coscelli stating: “We’re concerned that

UK antitrust body CMA to be denied power to impose rules

The British government has announced plans for new antitrust powers that would give it the ability to overrule commercial decisions made by tech giants like Apple. The proposed British powers would

UK Antitrust Authority Recommends New Regulations For

Notably, the CMA proposal (like the UK Furman Report) would not alter the existing burden of proof in antitrust conduct cases with respect to online platforms. If implemented as proposed, the new Digital Markets Unit will have the burden to show that the online platform violated the new rules.

ANTITRUST | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

(also anti-trust) uk / ˌæntiˈtrʌst / us LAW, COMMERCE relating to efforts to prevent companies from working together to control prices unfairly or to create a monopoly (= a single company or small group of companies that is the only supplier of something): The court found that the company had violated antitrust laws.

Antitrust and Competition Law – Allen Overy

The centre of gravity in antitrust law has shifted with the globalisation of regulation and enforcement. In this environment, many of the world’s leading companies are turning to Allen & Overy as their preferred competition counsel on their global antitrust policies, litigation and regulatory strategies.

Pharmaceutical Antitrust in the United Kingdom – Lexology

in the 2000s, other private antitrust damages cases included the Department of Health (and others) v Ranbaxy, Goldshield, Norton Healthcare Limited and Generics UK (which settled for £4.5 million

Rogers' US$16b deal hits trouble as antitrust body says no

(May 7): Rogers Communications Inc said Canada’s antitrust agency is opposed to its US$16 billion takeover of rival Shaw Communications Inc, casting significant doubt on whether the companies will be able to close one of the country’s biggest-ever deals. The companies extended the deadline for the transaction to July 31, from June 13, and said they remain committed to it. But the Canadian

UK Antitrust Shakeup Would Increase Merger Scrutiny

UK Antitrust Shakeup Would Increase Merger Scrutiny, Broaden Investigative Powers and Create New Oversight of Big Tech Bill Batchelor , Frederic Depoortere , Aurora Luoma , Giorgio Motta , Ingrid

A List of Antitrust Investigations and Lawsuits Against

Antitrust Investigations and Lawsuits The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority Investigates Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox — January 8, 2021 Online Publishers Sue Google in Advertising Antitrust Lawsuit — The US Department of Justice (DOJ) Investigates Google — 20 October, 2020

The impact of Brexit on antitrust and competition | Global

Will the UK competition law regime change materially as a result of Brexit? The UK competition law rules – i.e. the prohibitions on agreements that restrict competition (“by object” or “by effect”) and on abusing a dominant market position – remain unchanged following the end of the “implementation period” under the Withdrawal Agreement.

UK Competition Law | Services | Baker Botts

Baker Botts’ London Antitrust Practice covers the full spectrum of antitrust and regulatory matters including merger control, cartel investigations, follow-on and stand-alone damages actions, market reviews, State aid, and competition law compliance to help you respond to changing commercial and strategic dynamics.

Antitrust Definition

Antitrust laws are the broad group of state and federal laws that are designed to make sure businesses are competing fairly. The “trust” in antitrust refers to a group of businesses that team up

Private antitrust litigation in the UK (England and Wales

following the entry into force of directive 2014/104/eu on actions for damages under national law for infringements of competition law provisions of the member states (anti-trust damages directive), the uk government implemented legislation in the form of the claims in respect of loss or damage arising from competition infringements (competition …

Antitrust – Competition Policy

Antitrust. Competition encourages companies to offer consumers goods and services on the most favourable terms. It encourages efficiency and innovation and reduces prices. To be effective, competition requires companies to act independently of each other, but subject to the pressure exerted by their competitors.

Competition/antitrust – Chambers Student Guide

Following the fallout from the 2008 financial crash and LIBOR Scandal, antitrust authorities are now seeking to remedy the “historic under-enforcement” in the sector. As such, a new statutory provision enables the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to exercise existing competition law enforcement powers with focus on financial services.

Understanding Antitrust Laws – Investopedia

Antitrust laws are statutes developed by governments to protect consumers from predatory business practices and ensure fair competition. Antitrust laws are applied to a wide range of questionable

Antitrust Law: What Is It and What is Its – GAN Integrity

Antitrust law casts a long shadow over corporate conduct. At the abstract level, the law exists to protect consumers and businesses alike from companies that grow so large and powerful they can harm the markets—either by imposing artificially high prices, blocking competitors from offering better products, or both.

The Best Antitrust Law Firms: Rankings – Vault

2022 Best Law Firms for Antitrust # 1 Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP Known especially for its cross-border work, including representation of national governments, Cleary is among the most prestigious firms around. Intellectual curiosity and an amiable personality will go far in fitting in with the firm’s unique “Cleary Culture.”

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The UK's antitrust regulator is reportedly set to block

The UK’s antitrust regulator is reportedly set to block Meta’s purchase of Giphy It would be the first Competition and Markets Authority reversal of a major tech acquisition.

Digital and UK Antitrust | Events | Baker Botts

The UK’s Competition & Markets Authority is at the forefront of the global debate about antitrust and the tech sector: what challenges does the tech sector present for antitrust enforcement, are the antitrust rules fit for purpose, how should digital mergers be assessed, and are regulation and new enforcement powers necessary?

Article: Private Antitrust Litigation in the UK

Private antitrust claims can be brought either in the High Court or before the CAT, depending on the type of action and the type of remedy sought. The CAT is an independent specialist judicial body established to hear appeals against certain decisions of the UK competition and sectoral regulatory authorities, as well as follow-on claims.

Facebook hit with new antitrust probes in the UK and EU

Facebook hit with new antitrust probes in the UK and EU. Published Fri, Jun 4 2021 6:05 AM EDT Updated Fri, Jun 4 2021 4:05 PM EDT. Sam Shead @Sam_L_Shead. WATCH LIVE. Key Points.

Facebook may soon face a UK antitrust investigation

Regulators might look into whether Facebook harnessed user data to fend off rivals.

UK antitrust tribunal blocks Epic's complaint against

In brief: Epic attempted to open another antitrust case with Apple and Google in the UK over the Fortnite dustup. Britain’s Competition Appeal Tribunal said it would hear the lawsuit against

Antitrust in focus – March 2021 – Allen & Overy

The UK proposals sit alongside a patchwork of other potential new and revised antitrust and regulatory rules for the digital sector in jurisdictions across the globe, including the planned EU-level Digital Markets Act – see our recent Global antitrust enforcement report for more information.

Noble Corporation: U.K. Antitrust Watchdog Likely To

Noble and Maersk Drilling reveal the likely requirement to divest a material part of the combined company’s jackup fleet to obtain UK antitrust clearance. Divestment would have a material impact

Facebook's Marketplace Faces Antitrust Probes in EU, U.K

The European Union and the U.K. opened formal antitrust investigations into Facebook classified-ads service Marketplace, ramping up regulatory scrutiny for the company in Europe. Both the European

Branded Consumer Good Brands Face Antitrust Actions in Europe

In fact, the focus by the UK antitrust regulator and courts on supply and distribution agreements is continuing, for example: Belle Lingerie. 6 Belle (an online reseller in particular of lingerie

Brexit And Beyond: Implications For EU And UK Antitrust

UK authority considering mandatory merger control regime for large transactions; UK antitrust rules unlikely to diverge in the near term With the UK leaving the EU on , we answer some of the most common questions relating to the impact of Brexit on EU and UK mergers and antitrust investigations.

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Antitrust & Competition practice highly recognized by Chambers Global, USA, Europe, and Asia, and The Legal 500 US and EMEA. 2018. Tier 1 for Competition Litigation. The Legal 500 UK. 2018. Band 1 for Competition/Antitrust in Mexico. Chambers Latin America. 2018. Tier 1 for Competition/Antitrust in Mexico. The Legal 500 Latin America. 2018

Facebook's marketplace investigated for antitrust

Facebook’s marketplace investigated for antitrust violations by EU, UK The European Commission and Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority are investigating whether Facebook uses data from

UK antitrust watchdog investigates Microsoft's Nuance deal

UK antitrust watchdog investigates Microsoft’s Nuance deal. British antitrust regulators are opening an investigation into Microsoft’s $16 billion acquisition of speech recognition company Nuance

UK antitrust regulator looks into Microsoft's $16 billion

UK antitrust regulator looks into Microsoft’s $16 billion Nuance deal. (Reuters) -Britain’s antitrust regulator said on Monday it will look into Microsoft Corp’s $16 billion purchase of artificial intelligence and speech technology firm Nuance Communications Inc. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which has been stepping up its

Joint Statement from FTC, DOJ Antitrust Division, and UK

Leadership of the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice attended meetings in London this week as part of the Competition Enforcers Summit, which took place under the 2021 G7 Digital and Technology Track in connection with the UK’s G7 presidency.

UK antitrust watchdog orders Facebook to sell off Giphy

The UK antitrust watchdog has blocked Facebook’s acquisition of Giphy and ordered the social network to sell off the GIF-sharing platform, saying the deal hurts social media users and

Apple faces antitrust probe in the UK over App Store policies

Apple faces antitrust probe in the UK over its App Store rules Published Thu, Mar 4 2021 5:44 AM EST Updated Thu, Mar 4 2021 3:50 PM EST Ryan Browne @Ryan_Browne_

EU and UK launch antitrust investigation into Google and

Google and Meta are being investigated by antitrust regulators in the EU and UK over “Jedi Blue” — a 2018 deal that prosecutors in the US say helped the firms carve up the online advertising

UK regulator opens antitrust probe into Microsoft's $16bn

UK regulator opens antitrust probe into Microsoft’s $16bn Nuance deal. The UK’s competition regulator has opened an investigation into Microsoft’s $16bn acquisition of speech recognition firm Nuance. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it is launching the probe to establish if the deal will “result in a substantial

Private antitrust litigation in the UK (England and Wales

In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. The timing of this departure, and the precise implications of this outcome for private antitrust litigation in England and Wales are not presently known. *Please note that following the publication of this chapter, the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020.

A Look At What's Ahead For Antitrust Enforcement In 2022

Law360 (January 3, 2022, 12:03 PM EST) –. Andrew Finch. Charles Rule. Aidan Synnott. In 2021, new leadership took office at both the Federal Trade Commission and Antitrust Division of the U.S

OPEC Antitrust Effort Revived by U.S. Senate as Oil Prices

May 5, 2022, 2:00 AM PDT. Oil prices at historic highs are bolstering a decades-long effort to subject OPEC to U.S. antitrust laws. A key Senate committee is expected to approve legislation

ANTITRUST | Meaning & Definition for UK English |

UK English definition of ANTITRUST along with additional meanings, example sentences, and ways to say.

UK's antitrust watchdog is taking a look at Microsoft

UK’s antitrust watchdog is taking a look at Microsoft-Nuance. The $19.7 billion acquisition of speech-to-text specialist Nuance by Microsoft, announced earlier this year, has attracted the

What is antitrust? | Legal insights by World Finance

This is a similar concept to the UK law of equity, where remedy does indeed occur as and when required. The US antitrust laws can therefore be said to be subjective with an ability to change with time. It is for this reasons that the antitrust statutes through the actions of the courts and the regulators can sufficiently protect legitimate

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Antitrust & Competition – Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

Members of our team have served in the Antitrust Division, the FTC, the European Commission and the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (now the Competition and Markets Authority). Our group also includes a former director of the antitrust unit of France’s national competition authority ( Autorité de la concurrence ).

Meta Ordered to Sell Giphy by UK Antitrust Regulator

The UK’s antitrust regulator has ordered Meta to sell Giphy. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, bought Giphy for $400 million in May 2020. Meta said it disagreed with the ruling and is considering

Apple Faces Antitrust Charges in Europe – The New York Times

Apple faces E.U. antitrust charges over Apple Pay. Regulators said Apple had blocked PayPal and others from access to technology in the iPhone that lets people make a purchase with a quick tap.

UK antitrust regulator prepares to investigate Facebook

UK antitrust regulator prepares to investigate Facebook – FT. By Reuters Staff. 1 Min Read. FILE PHOTO: A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in Zenica

UK's antitrust regulator to probe music streaming market

The UK’s antitrust watchdog will take a close look at the music streaming market. Today the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced that it will be conducting a market study of music

EU-UK Antitrust Enforcement and Cooperation | Insights

EU-UK Antitrust Enforcement and Cooperation. March 2, 2021. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. Bill Batchelor Frederic Depoortere Aurora Luoma Giorgio Motta Ingrid Vandenborre Alexander Kamp Nick Wolfe. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) governing post-Brexit trade relations between the UK and the EU includes provisions regulating

EU and UK open antitrust investigations into Facebook

The European Commission and UK regulators have opened antitrust investigations into Facebook over concerns its Marketplace service is unfairly distorting competition for classified ads. Both are

Amazon data usage to feature in new UK antitrust probe

Amazon ‘s data practices are to become subject to UK scrutiny in a new antitrust probe planned by regulators. According to sources speaking to the Financial Times, the UK’s Competition and Markets

UK antitrust watchdog investigates Microsoft's Nuance deal

UK antitrust watchdog investigates Microsoft’s Nuance deal. GMT. FILE – The Microsoft company logo is displayed at their offices in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021. The Competition and Markets Authority said in a brief statement Monday, that British antitrust regulators are opening an

UK & EU Competition Merger Enforcement & Antitrust

February 2021 competition updates coming from the United Kingdom and European Union regarding the UK merger control regime, CMA merger enforcement, EU State Aid Temporary Framework, EU antitrust

Antitrust – Clifford Chance

Antitrust. Antitrust challenges are growing across the world. Over 130 jurisdictions now have antitrust laws, and that number continues to grow. The range of business practices giving rise to antitrust enforcement is likewise expanding, and fines for antitrust infringements are rising. We have the expertise and global network to help our

German regulator to tackle Meta with new anti-trust rules

German regulator to tackle Meta with new anti-trust rules. The new provision enables the German Federal Cartel Office to intervene earlier and more effectively against the practices of large

UK antitrust regulator wags finger at Apple, Google • The

29. 29. Copy. The UK’s antitrust regulator fears Apple and Google have a “vice-like grip” on mobile apps and browsers, which freezes out competitors and gives folks a crummy deal. In a blunt assessment, the Competition and Markets Authority’s department of what-took-you-so-long noted that Brits pretty much get their smartphone apps from just

UK Antitrust Regulator Gains New Post-Brexit Powers

Britain’s competition watchdog is to be given new post-Brexit powers to levy huge fines on companies that rip off consumers, speed up antitrust cases and protect innovative small companies from predatory rivals, reported The Financial Times. Kwasi Kwarteng, business secretary, will next week propose streamlined and strengthened powers for the Competition and Markets Authority, intended to

Guthrie: Putin made 'strategic blunder'

May 7—There are rumors in Washington that Russia may declare victory in Ukraine on Monday and de-escalate the war, U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, a Bowling Green Republican, said Friday during a stop in Owensboro. Monday is Victory Day in Russia, a holiday that commemorates the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. “Putin made a strategic blunder” in invading Ukraine, Guthrie said, noting that the

Antitrust law legal definition of antitrust law

Antitrust Law. Legislation enacted by the federal and various state governments to regulate trade and commerce by preventing unlawful restraints, price-fixing, and monopolies; to promote competition; and to encourage the production of quality goods and services at the lowest prices, with the primary goal of safeguarding public welfare by ensuring that consumer demands will be met by the

Amazon Primed: Big Health Data Deal, Antitrust UK Issues

Amazon UK is currently paying less in corporation tax than many medium-sized companies, while boasting U.K. sales of $14.5 billion (£10.9 billion) in 2018. This apparent tax advantage does not

UK Competition Watchdog Probes Drilling Giants Merger

UK Competition Watchdog Probes Drilling Giants Merger. The UK’s competition regulator is looking into the proposed merger between two offshore drilling giants, Noble Corporation and Maersk Drilling. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) revealed it was investigating the anticipated acquisition of Maersk Drilling by Noble Corporation.

UK Antitrust Agency Orders Viagogo To Divest Chunk Of

Posted on February 2, 2021. Citing competition concerns, the U.K.’s antitrust watchdog is ordering Viagogo to sell StubHub ‘s international business. After taking a closer look into the $4

Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit: What You Need To Know – Forbes

In December 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 46 states launched an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. Whatever the outcome, it will impact investors, the stock market and above all

UK antitrust watchdog investigates Microsoft's Nuance deal

The Microsoft company logo is displayed at their offices in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021. The Competition and Markets Authority said in a brief statement Monday, that British antitrust regulators are opening an investigation into Microsoft’s $16 billion acquisition of speech recognition company Nuance in the latest sign they’re tightening scrutiny of big

Senate Committee Advances OPEC Antitrust Bill – Law360

The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced bipartisan legislation Thursday giving the U.S. Department of Justice authority to bring antitrust lawsuits against OPEC after senators accused the

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