What does Lao writing look like?

What does Lao writing look like?

Lao is written from left to right. Vowels can be written above, below, in front of, or behind consonants, with some vowel combinations written before, over, and after. Spaces for separating words and punctuation were traditionally not used, but space is used and functions in place of a comma or period.

What language is closest to Lao?


Is English common in Laos?

Young Laotians tend to speak English and it’s more widely spoken than its European counterpart. Throughout the country you’ll find that anyone in contact with tourists will be able to speak English.

Is Thai and Laos the same language?

It is also recognised as a minority language in Thailand and Cambodia. Lao and Thai languages are very similar to each other. In fact, the two languages are linguistically similar, though their writing script varies a bit. Thai is the native language of Thailand and is spoken in minority in Cambodia.2018-03-23

Why does Laos have a silent s?

The word Lao in the Lao language has no “s” at the end. When the country was colonized by the French, they transcribed the word into the French alphabet, with a silent s at the end. When English speakers anglicized the French version, they pronounced the s.2018-03-02

Is Lao on duolingo?

Learning languages has never been more fun, but as things stand, there is no Lao on Duolingo. Unfortunately, the little brother of Southeast Asia has found itself marginalized by the language learning app giant.2021-10-18

Is Lao easier than Thai?

Lao however is a simpler and more phonetic script and Thai is closer to the Sanskrit script. Many consonants that are found in Thai, are not to be found in the Lao script.

Is Lao and Laos the same?

The official name of the country is Lao PDR, and it does not make a difference if one pronounces Lao or Laos. The people of the country are called Lao, they speak Lao language, and they refer to their country as Lao. However, the French misspelt the name when they took control and united the country in 1893.2013-01-18

How different is Thai and Laos?

When it comes to tones, the two differ quite a bit. While Thai uses five tones, Laos uses six. The tones in Lao are also different from those in Thai, where Thai has low, mid, high, rising, and falling tones, Lao has mid, high, rising, low falling, and high falling tones.2019-10-25

Is Lao phonetic?

The Lao written language is essentially alphabetic and, due to extensive post-revolutionary meddling, now considerably more phonetic than Thai or Khmer. Still, there are 30 consonants, 15 vowel symbols plus 4 tone marks to learn, and the Lao also share the Thai aversion to spaces between words.

What is the main language spoken in Laos?


Is Laos easy to learn?

Lao is listed at 1100 hours along with other South-East Asian languages. This is both good news and bad news. On the one hand, Lao is twice as difficult as Dutch and French but takes half the time to learn than Korean and Mandarin. There are multiple languages that are more difficult than Lao but many that are easier.2021-11-20

What language is Thai similar to?

It is a tonal and analytic language, similar to Chinese and Vietnamese. Thai has a complex orthography and system of relational markers.

Should I learn Lao or Thai first?

Both Lao and Thai are from the Tai-kadai language class, so by learning Lao first as the foundation, you’ll be able to understand a variety of Lao regional dialects and Thai quicker.2018-09-26

Is it pronounced Lao or Laos?

Laos, the country. In English the “s” is pronounced. Lao PDR, the offical name of the country.

Learn Lao – Useful Lao phases and Lao language learning

Although it is not necessary to learn Lao before you visit Laos, it is always useful to know some basic words or phases. It can be a rewarding experience to be able to speak to local people in their native tongue while travelling in Laos. You’ll also impress them if you try to use a little Lao when you meet and maybe have some fun trying.

Learn Lao. Free Lao Lessons | Ling App – Ling Learn Languages

As a tonal language, there are six different tones used in Lao. There is no grammatical gender or declension, so concepts like tense are revealed through the use of time referencing words. Classifiers are used extensively as a way to show plurality, like in the Thai language. In terms of word order, Lao follows the SVO structure.

Learn Lao: Free Lao Courses Online | Live Lingua Project

At Live Lingua we believe that everybody should be able to learn another language. This is why we have made available these free Foreign Service Institute resources for you to use. Read the Lao ebooks online, listen to the Lao audios and practice your Lao pronunciation with our online recorder or download the files to use whenever you want.

Learn Lao language 101 – Vocabulary 800 (Lesson 1) – YouTube

Learn Lao language 101 – Vocabulary 800 (Lesson 1)By Wonderland Laoshttps://wonderlandlaos.blogspot.com/

Laos Basics – Lesson 1 (Hello,Goodbye,Numbers) – YouTube

Learn how to speak the Lao Language. It’s fun and you’ll love it!Laos Language TutorialGive me feed back about anything please?! If you want to learn somethi

Learn Lao Free: 4 Online Lao Courses – Live Lingua

The free Live Lingua online Lao courses are here to make language learning accessible to everybody. Our Lao material contain 4 Lao courses , 4 ebooks and 176 audio files. Just select the course you want to use and enjoy! 1 42 0 Lao – Basic Course – Volume 1 This is the first of two volumes designed to teach spoken Lao to English speakers.

Learn Basic Lao Language – Vientiane International School

Learn Basic Lao Language : In this section you will find a large selection of basic Lao language. Each word or phrase has an associated audio file to give you a clear indication of exactly how to pronounce the words. At the end of eact section you will find a quiz to test your knowledge of what you just learned.

Lao Language – Its history, alphabet and numbers

Most people learn to speak the language first, then they comprehend reading and writing later. If you want to follow that path here are some useful Lao phases to start with. Practicing some phases with the local whenever there is an opportunity is a way to go.

Is Lao Hard To Learn? 1100 Hours Or Can We Supercharge

Learning Lao can be a long and complicated process. As the FSI says, it can take up to 1100 hours to get proficient. That’s 45 full days of studying Lao without sleep! Not only this, but to maintain your level, you’d have to do a lot of additional work on top of that. We’re going to give you a step-by-step analysis of how you should proceed.

How do I learn the Laos language alphabet? : languagelearning

Anyways can anyone recommend me ways to learn the script in the Laos language or even just learn it in general, I already plan on speaking a creole of English and Lao with him and then as I learn more it will eventually become only Lao so I need to be able to read it, thank you in advance.

Learn Lao Online – Write or Speak in Lao Language Exchange

Practice your Lao by writing emails ( pen pals ). Practice written conversation using text chat . Practice speaking using voice chat . We provide free, helpful guidelines and tips on how to do a language exchange, as well as free lesson plans designed by an expert in language exchange learning.

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Learn Lao – Simple, Fun & Easy to use | uTalk

The language is so closely related to Thai that speakers of these languages can understand each other to a high degree. This is partly because Lao has borrowed lots of words from Thai. It also borrows from Sanskrit and Pali. Lao is a tonal language: the six tones help differentiate meaning in a largely monosyllabic vocabulary.

Lao alphabet, pronunciation and language

Lao (ພາສາລາວ) Lao is a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in Laos, and also in Cambodia and Vietnam. In 2015 there were about 3.4 million native speakers of Lao in Laos, and another 800,000 people spoke it as a second language. In 2009 there were about 18,500 Lao speakers in northwest Cambodia, and there were 14,900 speakers in Vietnam.

‎Simply Learn Lao on the App Store

Simply Learn Lao Language App is a FREE language app that will assist you to speak Lao quickly and effectively. All Lao phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original Lao writing. They are recorded by a native speaker from Laos. Save your favorite phrases and words to review them without fuss.

Laos – LaoLessons — Learn Lao Language – Medium

Read writing about Laos in LaoLessons — Learn Lao Language. Learn Lao language in a fun way. Our articles are written on various topics as a vehicle to learn language and culture.

Learn Laos Language – XpCourse

Lao is the official language of Laos and is also spoken in north east Thailand. The language is so closely related to Thai that speakers of these languages can understand each other to a high degree. This is partly because Lao has borrowed lots of words from Thai. It also borrows from Sanskrit and Pali. More › More Courses ›› View Course

learn lao language Ep.1 1 hour lesson – YouTube

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Learn lao ,useful lao phrases Ep.4 – YouTube

Learn lao,How to speak lao language like lao people. Learn useful lao phrases.

Welcome in Lao? How to use Welcome in Lao. Learn Lao

7 reasons to learn a Lao language Makes you smarter. Boosts academic achievement. Provides professional and career advantages. Provides broader access to education and information. Gives you more social and global skills. Increases national security. Life is more interesting. How to say Welcome in Lao? ຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ.

How Hard is Lao to Learn? – Polyglot Geek

Lao has 6 tones but they are quite easy to recognise. Consonant sounds – There are 19 consonant sounds in Lao, these sounds are familiar to English speakers. Consonant sounds can occur at the beginning of the syllable or sometimes at the end. Vowel Sounds – There are 13 vowel sounds in Lao which combine to create 14 diphthongs.

Learn Lao: a beginner's guide to the structure of the Lao

Learn Lao: a beginner’s guide to the structure of the Lao language [Panaretos, Christopher] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn Lao: a beginner’s guide to the structure of the Lao language

Learn Lao | How To Say Sorry In Lao. Ep.45 – YouTube

Learn Lao language: How to say sorry.More lesson : Learn Lao | Personality Type. Ep.44 https://youtu.be/okCh0szPk5cMusic background :Chill piano hip hop musi

No Lao On Mondly? Learn The 2 Best Alternatives! | Ling App

Lao is the official language of Laos.However, it’s also used in parts of Northeastern Thailand.Here’s some more basic information to know about Laos! Location: Southeast Asia Borders: Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand Capital: Vientiane Population: Approximately 7.4 million Of course, there’s so much more to learn about Laos, but these are just some quick highlights.

Laos – Wikipedia

Etymology. The word Laos was coined by the French, who united the three Lao kingdoms in French Indochina in 1893 and named the country as the plural of the dominant and most common ethnic group, the Lao people. In English, the ‘s’ is pronounced, and not silent. In the Lao language, the country’s name is Muang Lao (ເມືອງລາວ) or Pathet Lao (ປະເທດລາວ), both of

Absoluteness in Lao? How to use Absoluteness in Lao. Learn Lao

7 reasons to learn a Lao language Makes you smarter. Boosts academic achievement. Provides professional and career advantages. Provides broader access to education and information. Gives you more social and global skills. Increases national security. Life is more interesting. How to say Absoluteness in Lao? ຄວາມສົມບູນ.

Learning Laos Language – XpCourse

Learning Lao Language – LLL, Sisattanak. 4,477 likes · 22 talking about this. LLL is a page where you can learn Lao language and find Lao language tutor. We provide Lao language tuition in person as

LaoLessons — Learn Lao Language – Medium

Learn Lao Ending Particles. Lao is a tonal language where different word tones can indicate different meanings. Thus, mood particles at the end of a sentence can help…. LL. Feb 7, 2019. How to

Learn Lao Online (ລາວ) – World Language Library

Why learn Lao? Knowing Lao opens the door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, and science You are at a distinct advantage in the global market if you are bilingual. Aquiring a second language can improve your skills and grades in math and English. You can participate more effectively and responsibly in a multi-cultural

A lesson in Lao: The "key" to learning the Lao language

Learning Lao has not been easy. Admittedly, I’ve been key-kahn (lazy) in studying Lao, finding it easier to do a series of grunts and charades than trying to master the six tones and complicated vowel sounds from books like Lao for Beginners. I have picked up important phrases, such as lieu baw sai – “without blood” – or else my noodle soup would come with chunks of pig blood tofu.

Basic Lao for Travellers: Essential Phrases You Need to Know

Lao 101: Basic Lao Phrases. The main language of Laos, Lao is a Tai-Kadai language spoken by around 15 million people in Laos and Thailand. Being so similar to Thai, many people in Laos will understand if you speak in Thai without too many difficulties.

FSI Lao Basic Course – FSI Language Courses

Lao is not among the most common languages to learn, and as a result, anyone who wants to study it will find it a challenge to obtain materials to work with. One or two books for learning Lao exist, but resources are meager, and any additional materials you can get your hands on will be invaluable.

Lao Language & Culture Learning Resources

Introduction into the Lao language including its writing system, alphabet, tones and pronunciation, numbers and java applets for learning vocabulary.

Lao Textbooks – Lao Language Learning Materials

Lao Language Learning Materials. If you’re interested in learning Khmer language, see my Khmer language learning materials on studykhmer.com. Welcome to studylao.com. If you want to learn Lao language, either by self-study or if you want to study Lao language with a tutor, here are some tried and tested Lao language and culture learning materials that can help you.

Learn Lao Language – Blogger

Learn Lao Language When you visit Laos it is always good to learn some words. You probably won’t need to use much if you travel to only the main tourist areas. However, the lao people you meet will be impressed if you try to use a little Lao with them. Here are some Lao words you should know if you travel to Laos

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Lao Language (ພາສາລາວ) Days of the Week Study and Learn

Learn Lao Language (ພາສາລາວ) Learn and practice at your own pace. Uniquely designed to challenge your abilities and help you. Instruction Games: Lao Language (ພາສາລາວ) Choose your topic: Skill Games: Lao Language (ພາສາລາວ) Choose your game: Study:

21 Essential Phrases You'll Need in Laos – Culture Trip

Asking about their English abilities in Lao will break the ice. If they can’t or won’t they might say, “baw dai” for “cannot.” If they know a little you might hear “dai noy nung.” Substitute “passa Ankit” for a language of your choice: “passa Falang” for French, “passa Lao” for Lao, or “passa Chin” for Chinese.”

PDF Learn Lao A Beginner S Guide To The Structure Of The Lao

Learn Lao A Beginner S Guide To The Structure Of The Lao Language English Edition By Christopher Panaretos Basic lao for travellers essential phrases you need to know. canva course beginner s guide to canva for graphic design. beginner lao apps on google play. a beginner s guide to website speed optimization. how to pick a lock the ultimate guide 2020. how to take

How hard is the Lao Alphabet to learn? : languagelearning

Similar writing, sound, and words. I used to learn Lao when I was dating my ex since his family is from Laos. I have a lot of Lao language learning books and downloaded many short videos and songs. How I learned how to read and write is by looking up the Lao songs in Lao writing, and try to write the transliteration.

So you want to learn a language – lao – Google Search

Let’s Speak Lao (Thaidam) by NukSooLang. – Videos giving an overview of the Lao language, useful words & phrases and basic grammar. 8 lessons so far. Learn Lao by crazyasn1and2. – Video teaching basic Lao grammar. Lao tutorial 1, little conversation by savan.

Amazon.com: Lao for Beginners: An Introduction to the

It is not a phrase book to scratch the surface of the Lao language. The book has been tested in classrooms and by individuals who have used it successfully to learn Lao. This beginning Lao text was designed for people who want to learn how to speak Lao fast. The book mainly teaches speaking Lao although there is a section which teaches reading Lao.

Foreign Language Training – United States Department of State

The School of Language Studies (SLS) provides language and culture training to U.S. government employees with job-related needs. It addresses all aspects of language training, from classroom instruction and distance learning, to learning consultation services and testing. Student Orientation Are you new to SLS or returning and need a refresher? The orientation page contains information […]

‎Learn to speak Lao words on the App Store

***** Learn to Speak Lao Language App is a very useful tool which will give foreigners/beginners to learn and understand Lao language easily. We use native Lao speaker as female who speaks/pronounce words/phrases clearly and slowly so It will help you a lot. FEATURES ***** There are more than 1500 Lao common words and phrases

Lao Language – Effective Language Learning

History The Lao language is a Tai-Kadai language, of the Lao-Phutai branch. Tai languages were spoken in the regions that are now Southern China and North Viet Nam, and this is what the Lao language directly descends from. The Tai people were pushed to the south towards India, due to Chinese expansion and Mongol invaders. They then absorbed the other languages that were present in the region

The easiest Asian languages to learn: ranked | ESL

2. Burmese. 3. Gujarati. 4. Hindi. 5. Khmer. Khmer, or Cambodian, is the official language of Cambodia and belongs to the Mon-Khmer family, which also includes Vietnamese: which you might have scrolled ahead to see is actually 14 th in our list of the easiest Asian languages to learn!

Lao language – Wikipedia

Lao, sometimes referred to as Laotian (ລາວ, ‘Lao’ or ພາສາລາວ, [pʰáːsǎːláːw] ‘Lao language’), is a Kra-Dai language of the Lao people.It is spoken in Laos, where it is the official language for around 7 million people, as well as in northeast Thailand, where it is used by around 23 million people, usually referred to as Isan.

How to Learn Lao via Online Language Exchange

Learn and practice your Lao with a native speaker in a language exchange via email, text chat, and voice chat. Use free lesson plans.

Learn Lao Online – Level 1 – Cudoo

Laos is a Buddhist country and the majority of the Lao people are Buddhists. This is reflected in their language and culture, where physical greetings, public displays of affection, aggressive hand gestures and shouting are all considered impolite. Learn Lao online and introduce yourself to commonly spoken words and phrases.

ஸ்போக்கன் இங்கிலீஸ், learn english, how to think in

Welcome viewers, We did research and created an easy way to speak the language english. It is in a sheet of paper. You can easily understand. So, lear

Lao for Beginners: An Introduction to the Spoken and

This is an effective and concise self-study Lao language book.Lao for Beginners is for the person who is beginning to learn Lao. It is an incredibly useful introduction to spoken Lao for tourists, businesspeople or students. Lao for Beginners is primarily a workbook full of exercises to help beginners practice and acquire the ability to communicate with Lao people in spoken Lao.

Basic Lao – Colours

Learn Basic Lao – Colours : Other Pages : Red – sii-daeng Green – sii-khiaw Phonetic Spelling : Colours Quiz . Blue – sii-faa Yellow – sii-leuang Numbers

Useful Lao phrases – Omniglot

Useful Lao phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Lao, a Tai-Kaidai language spoken mainly in Laos. Jump to phrases. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Is it offensive to learn a language after you heard

Answer (1 of 5): No. Not at all. In fact you found that amazing so you wanted to learn it. Your friend is totally wrong. Infact he should be happy to hear this and happy to help you. But it seems he doesn’t care about friendship and he doesn’t want you to achieve what he has achieved. But I woul

Learn 48 Languages Online for Free | Open Culture

Learn 48 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, Chinese, English & More. How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you’re good to go.

Learn To Speak Lao In 3 Months – Home | Facebook

Learn To Speak Lao In 3 Months, Vientiane, Laos. 4,787 likes · 9 talking about this. Learn How To Speak Lao Real Fast With Lao Native Teacher

"Language Education and global citizenship" (5) – Learning

The Lao language could not be an any more distant than any of the languages I have learned before. Linguistic distance is the extent to which languages differ from one another. My native language is German, I studied English, Latin, and Spanish at school. However, nothing compares to learning the Lao language.

Language Stories: Teaching English in Laos – Lindsay Does

Featuring. Laos Learns English – The non-profit organisation Evan and Tanya set up to support Jer and his students. Donations are welcome on their website. ARDA – Language centres in Vientiane and other towns in the country. Where Rachel works, who we met in the video. Momobooks – The project Martin Momoda founded that has a whole range of books for Lao speakers, many of which teach English.

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Burmese vs Lao – Language – Justlearn – Learn Languages

Lao Language. Learning Lao might seem like a overwhelming thing to do. FSI has concluded that it takes 1100 hours or 44 weeks in a class to learn the language. The difficulty point is 2. Burmese Community. You will most likely find people, who speaks Burmese In Myanmar (formerly Burma), Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and the U.S. .

Study Time Calculator – How Long To Learn A Language?

The book “How To Speak Any Language Fluently” by Alex Rawlings deals with this question, among plenty of other things. It comes short in giving an exact answer to how long language learning takes, because, well, there isn’t one. But among all the language-learning books out there, it’s one of the best!

Lao Tutoring, Classes & Lessons Online | Native Monks

Laos is a beautiful country with much Buddhist architecture and lush and pristine landscapes. People are friendly and courteous and will certainly appreciate your efforts to learn at least a few phrases of the Lao language. If you can learn the language you will gain a deeper understanding of the people and their culture.

Lao Language – Why does it get confused with Thai? – Bilingua

Lao is the language of the country, Laos, a neighbour to Thailand. There are about 25 million native speakers of Lao language, mainly living in Laos and Isan. It is also recognised as a minority language in Thailand and Cambodia. Lao and Thai languages are very similar to each other.

English to Lao translation – ImTranslator.net

English to Lao Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. English to Lao Translation tool includes online translation service, English text-to-speech service, English spell checking tool, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more.

Learn French in Vientiane, Laos | Language Courses and

The French courses in Vientiane are a fast and enjoyable way to learn your new language, however we don’t have available course now but we can show you nearby schools. Our selection of French language courses near Vientiane give excellent results as well as ensuring that each student has an enjoyable learning experience.

Telugu vs Lao – Language – Justlearn – Learn Languages

Lao Community. Native speakers of Lao are mostly from Laos and are about 3,000,000 people. Lao are spoken fluently by 3,200,000 people. The language is spoken in Laos, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Thailand, and USA..

Which language is the most difficult to learn between Thai

Answer (1 of 4): They are all gonna be pretty tough if you have yet to learn a tonal language or a language using an abugida script. The easiest of the three might be Lao, in terms of diving right in, but later on the high number of homophones and homonyms may get overwhelming (in Thai they are o

Thai and Lao Languages: The same yet different

Thai and Lao languages are basically the same. When Thais and Laotian talk to each other, they can make conversations without any problem at all. In fact, up to 70% of the words are the same. Both languages were derived from Sanskrit and Pali. Though there are slight differences in the use of certain pronouns and question words, the rest are

Top Resources for Learning Lao | 101 Languages Resources

Learn Lao with these useful resources from around the web. There’s never been a better time to learn a language. No matter your age or experience, a plethora of tools and resources are available to get you started or help you improve your language skills. Best of all, many of these resources are completely free.

Learn Spanish in Vientiane, Laos | Language Courses and

The Spanish courses in Vientiane are a fast and enjoyable way to learn your new language, however we don’t have available course now but we can show you nearby schools. Our selection of Spanish language courses near Vientiane give excellent results as well as ensuring that each student has an enjoyable learning experience.

Laotian Keyboard Online • Lao Script • LEXILOGOS

Laotian Keyboard Online • Lao Script • LEXILOGOS. select a language International Phonetic Alphabet Western Languages Diacritics Albanian Amharic Arabic Arabic (Latin) Armenian Armenian (Western) Azerbaijani Bashkir Baybayin Bengali Berber (Latin) Berber (Tifinagh) Bosnian Bulgarian Burmese Byelorussian Catalan Chechen Cherokee Chinese

Vientiane Language Centre – ARDA

Lao language learning program. ARDA Vientiane Language Centre also offers a Lao language learning program. For beginners, our in-house textbook offers the opportunity to gain conversation and literacy skills. For those who have studied the Lao Language before, we have a variety of study materials to choose from.

‎Lao English on the App Store

‎Lao English Dictionary Developers have compiled a vocabulary of more than 13,000 words. For the user to translate for words in Lao to English and translate English to Lao Read aloud English words Quick dynamic search of words while you type. Can be bi-directional search between Lao and English. Make…

Learn Lao Language – Home – Facebook

Learn Lao Language. 963 likes. This page for learning Lao language in English version. You can visit my Channel directly “Honna Start” Channel link

Lao phrasebook – Wikitravel

Lao (ພາສາລາວ pháa-sǎa láo) is the main language of Laos. Thai is also closely related to Lao, and the Isaan dialect spoken in the northeast is, with minor differences in vocabulary aside, virtually identical to Lao. (maybe add something about how Laos has several dialects) It is best not to try to learn Lao from local magazines, local books or the internet, as they are

Learn Lao Language On Android – J&C Group

05/10/2013 Stephan 2543 Views Apps Laos, Lao Language Scrolling through my phone’s app store, I discovered this very cool app teaching the basic of the Lao language. The developer, Santi Anousaya, created this new app to assist and promote the learning of Lao basic alphabets, vowels, and numbers, all based on 1 st grade learning materials.

Download free books in Lao, or Lao and English.

Anyone studying Lao language at an intermediate level. More about this book | Free download. You may use these books to: * Practice Lao * Help your children learn Lao * Teach Lao to children, in Laos or elsewhere * Use bilingual titles to practice English.

Learn To Speak Lao Language fluently Course DVD, MP3 & PDF

Details about Learn To Speak Lao Language fluently Course DVD, MP3 & PDF, language of Laos. Be the first to write a review. Learn To Speak Lao Language fluently Course DVD, MP3 & PDF, language of Laos. Item Information. Condition: Brand New. Quantity: More than 10 available / 27 sold.

learn hmong language Flashcards | Quizlet

learn how to speak Hmong it is a language from Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Also this is NOT russian its Hmong Terms in this set (3)

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