Why are bats protected in Europe?

Why are bats protected in Europe?

International protection measures for bats have, above all, to concentrate on those species which migrate the furthest across Europe, in order to identify and address possible dangers caused by bottle-neck situations on their migratory routes. The UK ratified EUROBATS in January 1994.2019-05-02

Why do bats need to be protected?

Bats save the farming industry millions of dollars on pesticides every year. Among birds, bees, and other insects, bats are also important pollinators for foods such as bananas, almonds, peaches, avocados, cashews, and other plants.

Are bats a European protected species?

European Protected Species (such as bats, great crested newts, otters and dormice) receive full protection under The Conservation of Species and Habitats Regulations 2010 .

Are bats legally protected?

Bats are legally protected In North America, bats have protections in their natural environments and some laws protect bats when they occupy a home or building. However, several species of conservation concern such as little brown bats and Florida bonneted bats might be found in man-made structures.

How do bats get away from predators?

They use the same technique for predator avoidance and prey detection. When sound hits an object, an echo is produced which bounces back to the origin. Bats listen to these echoes through which they can tell with precision the shape, size, speed and texture of even the smallest insects.

Are bats protected in India?

In 1972, India instituted the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) to protect its fauna from indiscriminate harm. Ironically, one of the categories (Schedule V) created by this act explicitly identifies fruit bats, along with rats and mice, as vermin —totally without protection.

Why are UK bats protected?

All bat species in the U.K. are protected by both U.K. and E.U. law due to the fact that their numbers have significantly declined over the last few decades. This drop in population is due to the loss of roosts, foraging habitat, and commuting flight lines, and due to a significant decrease in the insect population .2019-03-15

Are bats protected everywhere?

Are all bats protected? Unfortunately, not all bats are protected by these two US Federal laws. In fact, there are only six species under its protection The Northern Long-Eared Bat, The Indiana Bat, The Grey Bat, The Florida Bonneted Bat, The Virginia Big-Eared Bat, and the Ozark Big-Eared Bat.

Is it illegal to touch a bat in the UK?

In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. This means you may be committing a criminal offence if you: Deliberately take , injure or kill a wild bat. Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats.

What is the use of bat?

Bats play an important role in many environments around the world. Some plants depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds, while other bats also help control pests by eating insects.

What laws protect bats in the UK?

All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law – they’re European protected species. You may be able to get a licence from Natural England if you cannot avoid disturbing them or damaging their habitats, or if you want to survey or conserve them.2015-03-29

What do I do if I find a bat UK?

Ideally, phone the National Bat Helpline immediately. The helpline is run by the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) in the UK-only and can be reached on (0345) 1300 228 at [email protected]. The helpline is, however, only staffed Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm (GMT/BST).

Why are bats protected by law?

Bats are protected by law because their existence is threatened. Bats serve an important ecological function as well as natural services to humans like pest control assistance with agriculture crop production while simultaneously protecting human health through disease prevention.

How are bats monitored?

Acoustic Surveys These detectors work by recording the echolocation calls of bats as they fly past a microphone. Bats are then identified to species by the unique acoustic signature of their call.2022-03-16

How does a bat protect itself from predators?

Big brown bats choose secluded roosts to protect themselves from many predators. Young are often taken from maternity roosts by snakes, raccoons, and cats if they fall. Flying bats are sometimes captured by owls and falcons as they leave their roosts.

Why do we protect bats?

Bats play an essential role in pest control, pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. Recent studies estimate that bats eat enough pests to save more than $1 billion per year in crop damage and pesticide costs in the United States corn industry alone.

Why are bats important in the UK?

What role do bats play in our eco systems? Although in the U.K. all bats are purely insect eating, around the world many species are natural pollinators, which means that along with butterflies and bees, they provide a critical link in our supply of food.2021-04-21

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Welcome to Bat Project — scale model kits! Welcome to the official site of the Bat Project — a manufacturer of scale model kits! Автор Site Administration Опубликовано. 29.03.2019. 04.10.2019.

Bat Project | Luther College

Bat Project Reasons to Study Bats Bats are an important part of our environment and provide us with many benefits, including insect control and fertilizer. However, bat populations in the United States are being threatened by the spread of the fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome (WNS) and the rapid growth of wind energy development.

Bat Project – Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

Bat Project Read about our work to help protect New Jersey’s bat population. Big Brown Bat. ©Blaine Rothauser Benefits of Bats Bats have a reputation as being spooky or even dangerous, but they are actually some of the most beneficial animals to people. All of New Jersey’s bats are insectivores.

North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) | U.S

The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) is an international interagency program designed to monitor bat distributions and abundances on public and private lands, and provide trend data at the state, provincial, tribal, regional (e.g., Landscape Conservation Cooperatives), and range-wide scales.

25 Bat Crafts for Kids – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with

Bat Crafts for Kids & Halloween Many of these bat crafts for kids use basic materials and are quick adn easy to make. Some even have Bat Printables and Bat templates.. and we have a great varity of Bat Crafts for you today.. from Flying Bats, to Flapping Bats, to Bat Bookmark Corners and more!! DIY Bat Crafts for Preschool

Bat1K – Bat1K Project

Bat1K – Bat1K Project About Bat1K Bat1K is an initiative to sequence the genomes of all living bat species, approximately 1400 species in total. The main goal of this consortium is to uncover the genes and genetic mechanisms behind the unusual adaptations of bats, essentially mine the bat genome to uncover their secrets.

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Bat bomb – Wikipedia

The bats roosted under a fuel tank and incinerated the test range. Following this setback, the project was relegated to the Navy in August 1943, who renamed it Project X-Ray, and then passed it to the Marine Corps that December. The Marine Corps moved operations to the Marine Corps Air Station at El Centro, California.

Bat Facts | Bat Project | Luther College

This bat seems to stick close to the roost, and only feeds in areas when it can easily find shelter near a treeline edge. You will not find this bat in the middle of the woods or the middle of a pasture. Roosting is usually done in trees on leaves. Bat Project maintained by crotma02. Page last updated on 28 February 2022. Login

U.S. Government Pulls Funding For Research Project On Bats

Daszak says the China bat sampling project has already racked up quite a number of successes. The team and its collaborators at the Wuhan Institute of Virology have collected about 15,000 samples

Students create a system to make baseball bats denser

A ten-person team of San Diego State engineering students was assigned a project centered around baseball, to be more exact, they had to work with baseball bats. 1 weather alerts 1 closings/delays

Bat project manufacturer of World War I Plastic Model

Bat project. Boeing C75. SKU: BAT72014 Manufacturer: Bat project Scale: 1:72

PDF Bat Activities – Maryland

1. Bats are extremely important as predators, pollinators, and as seed dispersers. Check out this activity to Calculate the Value of Bats from Project EduBat. 2. Learn about local bats by viewing the map and reading articles on bats on the US Fish and Wildlife website. What species are found in your area? 3.

Canadian Bat Project – RRVFN

Bat boxes are most successful when attached to houses or poles as opposed to trees. Trees shade the box and can block access to the box entrance. If bats are not using your box after two years, try moving the bat box to a new location. Like tree hollows, bat boxes need to have temperatures that bats like.

Home | The Sad Bat Project

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GitHub – ffhmon/bat-project: Python scripts for the Bat-Pi

Bat project Here you find some Python scripts and other resources that were created for bat surveys as part of a fauna, flora and habitat (FFH) monitoring project by an organisation in Germany: BI „Rettet den Wollenberg” e.V.. Visit the project’s homepage (German only) for more information.

Boeing S-307 Stratoliner, Bat Project 72012 (2020)

Bat Project model kit in scale 1:72, 72012 is a rebox released in 2020 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Boeing 307 Stratoliner | EAN: 4589913367562

Spotted Bat Project | Oregon State University – Cascades

Spotted Bat Project | Oregon State University – Cascades Spotted Bat Project Spotted bats ( Euderma maculatum) are an elusive and widely-distributed species throughout the semi-arid deserts of North America. Sometimes called the “Oreo cookie bat,” they sport large, pink ears and spotted fur.

New 1/72 Kits Coming from "Bat Project" – HyperScale Forums

New 1/72 Kits Coming from “Bat Project”. Be still my heart–I’ve wanted to build a DH.86 air ambulance for years. Three kits I have wanted for a long time but I’m not sure if I will buy any. One of our club members started on a Heinkel He-114 from Bat. I wasn’t to impressed of it looking at the pictures and his verdict was that it was the

Arabian Archaeology | Bat Archaeological Project

The Bat Archaeological Project (BAP) has carried out field research at the site since 2007 with the support of the Penn Museum and the Omani Ministry of Heritage and Culture. While research initially focused on the site’s monumental third millennium towers, over the years the project has broadened its scope to consider settlement and tomb

Time to renew your membership, Bechstein's update, AGM

The project aims to radio-track up to 6 Bechstein’s bats in Swell Woods near Langport as part of the (delayed) BCT Bechstein’s “finding its limit” project. Bank Holiday Monday – night 1 A dry and “not-warm” night, 12 brave souls from the Somerset and Dorset Bat groups trapped a total of 2 brown long-eared, 2 soprano pipistrelles

Bat | Nebraska Wind Energy and Wildlife Project | Nebraska

The Nebraska Bat Migration Project began in 2014 with the goals documenting the phenology and habitat use of bats migrating through Eastern Nebraska.. Using ultrasonic acoustic detectors to record bat “calls” the project will investigate the pathways bats follow during migration. The Nebraska Bat Migration Project is funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Nebraska Game and Parks

The BAT Project – EECS at UC Berkeley

The Bat project, completed in 1997, was aimed at investigating the feasibility of real-time decision-theoretic algorithms for vision-guided automated intelligent vehicles. Bat stands for Bayesian Automated Taxi.

34 Baseball bat projects ideas – Pinterest

– Explore Christina Rutledge’s board “Baseball bat projects”, followed by 118 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about baseball room, baseball, baseball bat.

The Bat Project Team – Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

Working on the Bat Project was a great way to get to know even more of the county whilst doing the work I love. BAT PROJECT I worked with schools and communities to raise the profile of greater horseshoe bats and show people how they can get involved. In addition I coordinated the website and social media for the project.

Horseshoe Bat Project | Mulkear European Innovation

Key project activities This project will work with the farming community in the Mulkear Catchment to provide the bats with new days roosts and enhance biodiversity generally. It will: (1) Provide permanent new bat roosts on farms (2) Create or reconnect green-infrastructure in the vicinity of the new roosts

Bats – Citizen Science, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Bats. Many residents are unaware that we have bats in Alaska, but at least six species of bats are known to make their home here. We’ve learned a lot about the ecology of bats in Alaska in the last few years through research and Citizen Science. Your observations have already provided valuable information on the distribution, seasonality, and

Bat Projects in Parks: Hot Springs National Park (U.S

The objective of this project was to achieve a complete baseline acoustic survey of all suitable summer habitat at HOSP. Project goals included determining the presence or absence of threatened and endangered bat species and presence or absence of other bat species, as well as the creation and distribution of educational and interpretive material to inform the public about white nose syndrome

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Bat Population Data Project | U.S. Geological Survey

The Bat Population Database (BPD v.1), the project’s initial product, compiles various components of bat population data from 1855-2001, particularly counts of bats at colony locations, location attributes, and a complete bibliography of bat publications (published literature, theses and agency reports, and State agency files) for the U.S

The BAT Project – University of California, Berkeley

The BAT Project. The Bat project, completed in 1997, was aimed at investigating the feasibility of real-time decision-theoretic algorithms for vision-guided automated intelligent vehicles. Bat stands for Bayesian Automated Taxi. Bat is funded by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as part of the PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) initiative.

North American Bat House Research Project – Bat

North American Bat House Research Project. America’s first known bat houses were built near San Antonio, Texas, in 1902. Hardly anyone noticed, and the idea of artificial bat roosts languished for the next eight decades. Then came the 1980s, and Bat Conservation International became the pivotal promoter of bat houses as an inexpensive way to

Isle of Wight Bat Project – Google Search

Project Objectives. You may well have come across my previous project, “The Parkhurst Forest Bat Project” and so will already be aware of my efforts to survey and produce habitat suitability models of the Parkhurst Forest area. The objective of this project is design a survey protocol and MaxEnt model for the whole Island, and so provide the

Build Homes for Bats | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

There are several commercial bat house kits (also called bat box) available that contain pre-cut wood and only require assembly. These are certainly an option for a home project and can be found

Backyard Bats – Natural History Museum

The Backyard Bat Survey is a project within a larger NHMLAC urban biodiversity study called the SuperProject. In 2016, the Backyard Bat Study joined RASCals (Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California), SLIME (Snails and slugs Living in Metropolitan Environments), and the Southern California Squirrel Survey to form the NHMLAC’s first ever

DRASTIC Analysis of the DEFUSE Documents – D.R.A.S.T.I.C

Document 1: A brief DRASTIC Analysis of the EcoHealth Alliance DEFUSE Proposal. Document 2: The Reasons why the DEFUSE Proposal was Rejected by DARPA. Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) proposed injecting deadly chimeric bat coronaviruses collected by the Wuhan Institute of Virology into humanised and “batified” mice. The EHA

WILD About Bats :: Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Bat Blitz. This is the original version of “Bat Blitz” first published in 2018 in the 4th edition of the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide.For upper elementary and middle school students, “Bat Blitz” involves learners in a simulation of bats feeding on insects.

Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project – The Devon Greater

Devon Bat Survey is back! Thanks to @DBRCnews, this Devon-wide citizen science project will be continued this year, looking at bats in the #SaveDevonsTrees project core areas. Join the survey and discover which bats live in your area buff.ly/3cH6K1O Tom Marshall. About 11 months ago from Devon Bat Project’s Twitter via Twitter Web App

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Project review and protected bats in Kentucky | U.S. Fish

Project review and protected bats in Kentucky. Development activities such as land clearing, utility line construction and maintenance, and road construction and maintenance can cause the loss, degradation, and fragmentation of natural habitats. Additionally, activities such as surface coal mining and forest management and timber harvest can

'Bat Bombs': WWII's Project X-Ray – Warfare History Network

Project X-Ray’s imaginative bat bombs were intended to rain fire on unsuspecting Japanese cities. They might even have worked. Imagine thousands of bats—silent, gray-furred, vigilant—huddled in the rafters of your home or office, each carrying a tiny device no larger than a thimble. Suddenly the devices explode, one after the other

Bat Projects in Parks: Pacific Northwest Region (U.S

Bat Projects in Parks: Pacific Northwest Region. Summary Pacific West Region (PWR) White-nose Syndrome Response Actions. PI: Denise Louie. Project centers on rapid response to recent discovery of white-nose syndrome (WNS) in Washington State in early spring 2016. PWR formed a nimble response team representing parks, networks, PWR, and the

Boeing C-75 Stratoliner, Bat Project 72014 (2020)

Bat Project model kit in scale 1:72, 72014 is a rebox released in 2020 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Boeing 307 Stratoliner | EAN: 4589913345362

Bat Conservation Research Projects – Merlin Tuttle's Bat

Bat Scan Project. MTBC preserves Merlin’s one-of-a-kind photo collection; the world’s most comprehensive coverage of bat diversity, behavior, and values. It is irreplaceable and has served as literally the backbone of science, education and conservation, illustrating bats worldwide for over 40 years and counting.

KCBP – Kootenay Community Bat Project

KCBP – Kootenay Community Bat Project. Participate in. Bat Watch. BC Bat Count. Ideally, the Bat Count includes four counts during the summer: two between June 1 and 21 (before pups can fly) and. two more between July 11 and August 5 (when pups are flying and exiting the roost with their mothers). Doing all four bat counts allows us to best

The Parkhurst Forest Bat Project – Bat Blog

Final Project Update February 2015 — 22-Feb-2015 17:51:35 December Project Update — 27-Dec-2014 17:33:48 November Project Update — 01-Dec-2014 18:45:50 Latest Bat Stats — 27-Sep-2014 21:31:54 September Project Update — 27-Sep-2014 21:29:32 August Project Update — 08-Sep-2014 17:59:27 July Project

Science Projects about Baseball Bats

The second was a follow up to why a lighter bat was slower than a heavier bat in the first project. The answer, of course is MOI, which my son researched and then tested. The attached pdf is a composite of 2 posters presenting his science project over two years at the school science fair.

Bats & Coronaviruses Project – Wabnet

Bats & Coronaviruses Project Photo by Andrew Spalton Bats are natural reservoir hosts to several emerging viruses with pandemic potential, including Marburg, Nipah, and SARS and MERS-coronaviruses, but current research on the diversity and distribution of bats and associated viruses, and potential for zoonotic disease emergence in Western Asia

The Delaware Bat Program – DNREC Alpha

Discover the bats of Delaware; the species we have, how to attract or safely evict them, get information about White-Nose Syndrome, find out what the state is doing for bats, and how you can help. To report a bat colony or for more information about bats in Delaware, call the Delaware Bat Program at 302-735-3600.

Bat Biology, Genomes, and the Bat1K Project: To Generate

Bat Biology, Genomes, and the Bat1K Project: To Generate Chromosome-Level Genomes for All Living Bat Species Annu Rev Anim Biosci. 2018 Feb 15;6:23-46. doi: 10.1146/annurev-animal-022516-022811. Epub 2017 Nov 20. Authors Emma C Teeling 1

What Is A Bat Mitzvah Project? – chicagojewishnews.com

What Is A Bat Mitzvah Project? Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of the activities used by B’nai Mitzvah students to practice Jewish values and their identity for a Jewish community where adult responsibility has become an integral part of their daily existence. Table of contents.

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Bat Monitoring – One Tam

Repeating this project in multiple years will allow us to tell the story of Marin’s bats as they reveal it to us over time. What we learn here will also be shared with the North American Bat Monitoring Program , which tracks bat status and trends nationwide.

Parsippany Bat Protection Project – Parsippany Green Team

The Parsippany Bat Protection Project is an initiative of the Parsippany Green Team. Its goals are to educate residents and business owners about the importance of bats in the ecosystem, to provide local bats with suitable habitat and to humanely reduce conflicts between bats and people. The Parsippany Bat Protection Project focuses on

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BAT is a key component in Brave’s mission to build a Decentralized Web. Towards that end we will research the following: BAT utility for search engines. Use of BAT for e-commerce. Use of BAT for VPN and various private communication platforms. BAT rewards for content verified on IPNS. Ability to use BAT for content pinning on IPFS (file sharing).

Bat Cowls – Next NFT Drop – Get in Early, Get out Big!

Bat Cowls NFT Roadmap. THE JOURNEY ROADMAP A two year journey of features and fun, with something new every 52 days for all Bat Cowl holders. 2022 & BEYOND PURCHASE YOUR COWL Accept Batman’s invitation and purchase your Bat Cowl starting . Like a bat, this drop is blind.

51 Bat House DIY Plans – Cut The Wood

2) Basic Bat House. This guy provided almost every information that is needed in order to build a good-looking bat house! Aside from specifying the exact measurements in making this project, he should be commended because he gave great care to what he is doing.

BAT download | SourceForge.net

BAT. A cat (1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration. By default, bat pipes its own output to a pager (e.g. less) if the output is too large for one screen. If you would rather bat work like cat all the time (never page output), you can set –paging=never as an option, either on the command line or in your configuration file.

No Reserve: 18-Years-Owned 1965 Volvo 122S 4-Speed Project

Bid for the chance to own a No Reserve: 18-Years-Owned 1965 Volvo 122S 4-Speed Project at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Lot #73,082.

Projects – Bat In The Sun

PRESS. comicbook.com. “Bat in the Sun is stoking the hype fires once more with a brand new teaser for their upcoming project.”. DC Comics News. “There is something special about this film, the movie poster alone should get you excited for what is to come.”. TIME Magazine. “Hollywood could learn a thing are two from Bat in the Sun

How to Build a Bat House | WoodWorkers Guild of America

Working with Kids. I enlisted the help of my oldest granddaughter, Jadyn, to help me build a couple bat houses. To keep the project approachable and safe for young woodworkers, I developed a system for cutting up plywood sheets into accurately machined project parts without the hazard of a table saw.

Project Bat – Home | Facebook

Project Bat. ·. We have many amazing sponsors to Thank and also a lot of businesses and people that donated time, and or items to make this event possible. It truly takes a village and I am proud to be a part of a like-minded group of people that are determined to make the Bat Park a reality. Presenting Sponsors:

Donate to Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah Project

You’re supporting Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah Project Your donation will benefit National Celiac Association. Enter your donation $ USD.00. Tip GoFundMe services. GoFundMe has a 0% platform fee for organizers and relies on the generosity of donors like you to operate our service. 0%

Free Bat House Plans You Can Build Today – The Spruce

This single chamber bat house is built out of cedar and plywood and measures 18″ wide and 24″ high. The inside of the house is grooved so the bats have a nice place to hang and rest. All the supplies cost less than $20, making it a budget project that doesn’t look like one. $20 DIY Bat House from Yellow Brick Home.

How to Choose a Mitzvah Project for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah | My

bat mitzvah. Play. Pronounced: baht MITZ-vuh, also bahs MITZ-vuh and baht meetz-VAH, Origin: Hebrew, Jewish rite of passage for a girl, observed at age 12 or 13. student to do social action projects, often known as ” mitzvah projects ,” as part of their bar/bat mitzvah preparations. Below are some suggestions, as well as organizations that

The Acid Bat Project – Home – Facebook

The Acid Bat Project. 95 likes. The future of music is here, “The Acid Bat Project,” All music written, composed and produced by Dave Diaz.

How to make DIY Shooter/shooting Game (Bat, zombie) on Scratch

This DIY Shoot the Bat Game project is a whole new experience for you, as it enables you to create the game on Scratch and make animations, which gives you great fun to play this game of a flying bat using joystick.

Project Guidelines 2019-22 BATCH.pdf – CHITKARA BUSINESS

CHITKARA BUSINESS SCHOOL (UG DEPARTMENT) CAPSTONE/PROJECT REPORT GUIDELINES BBA(P) & B.COM (H) Batch – 2019-22 Introduction: On the job training/placement of the student is an important component of experiential learning; which gives students a bird’s eye views of the corporate world and prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead in their future. . Good and sincere work done during this

Bat Project 72012 Boeing S-307 Stratoliner plastic model

Serial number: 72012. The Model 307 had capacity for a crew of six and 33 passengers. The cabin was nearly 12 ft (3.6 m) across. Boeing S-307 Stratoliner. Manufacturer: Bat Project (Ukraine). Scale: 1/72.

Bats on the Wall (free paper bat template)

These little bats make a fun and crafty Halloween project for young children. To make a cute vampire bat, add a few googly eyes to the bats and the kids will have an awesome diy Halloween decoration. When printing or setting up the files for cutting, you can resize the bat outlines to a couple of different sizes for a bit of variety.

developing an old 2d project(the firs one was in .bat

I restart an old project in which was at first in batch and had no graphics

Bat Crafts for Kids

Bat Crafts and Activities for Kids. Bat Crafts: Bat Box Paper or Fun Foam Craft. great for preschoolers. Bat Candy Craft. great for preschoolers. Bat Egg Carton Craft. suitable for grade school children. Bat Handprint Craft. toddlers and up. Bat Handprint Craft 2. toddlers and up. Bat Paper Bag Puppet.

Bat Conservation in Georgia | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Projects within the potential ranges of the Indiana, northern long-eared, or gray bat may benefit from a bat survey. For questions regarding surveys for specific projects, please contact Laci Pattavina at our USFWS Georgia Ecological Services Field Office.

Bees, bats and butterflies: Backyard science projects for

Another way to way to keep bees buzzing and bats flapping is to build bee or bat houses. “You can make your yard more pollinator friendly by building a bee house that provides protection to bees during the winter months,” Gornish said. “Or a bat house to provide shelter for bats during the day.” With stay-at-home orders in place and many

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